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This Modern World

beer blogging is hard
when you don’t have internet
or a place for beer

Written by Captain Hops.

References: Moving sucks, but now it is almost over. We are completely out of the old house and completely into the new house. We now have telephone, television, and internet. There is now beer in the fridge. I can work from my home office again. Boy was that hard, but things are finally looking good.

However, now I am going to Indiana for a long weekend. I need submissions of 4 haiku to get me over the hump. Please submit your haiku today and see your name in pixels on the preeminent beer haiku site on the interweb! Keep them positive, I could use some uplifting thoughts after my ordeal and it would really help me out. Thanks.
Thing of the Day: Gene Autry Collection - Back in the Saddle

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