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Verizon Seals the Deal

At dawn’s early light
The wide world at my fingers
A toast to success

Written by Captain Hops.

References: With Comcast zero for three in three weeks with no light at the end of the tunnel, Verizon claimed they could solve all my problems in 24 hours. They didn’t, but they tried really hard. When problems came up, they owned the problems and didn’t pass the buck. When help was needed, it was called and it was received. You know those Verizon commercials with all the people in the background? I think they were all here. At least six Verizon employees came to my house during the course of the day when they were required and I know of at least three that worked behind the scenes to solve my problems. At no time, was I told to call back later. At no time did anyone give up. The last technician left my house after dark and called back this morning on his day off to verify that the behind the scenes folks had worked on the ticket overnight and I was going to get my service started first thing this morning. By 9:15 AM, that is exactly what happened. I am happy to say that I am now receiving all the glory of the internet, HBO On Demand is appearing on my TV and I have a beautiful dial tone on my phone.

To summarize, it took 24 hours from the start of work and 44 hours from the time of my call to order service to get FiOS working in my house. That’s not bad.

You really get to know a company by how they react to problems. Everyone encounters problems sometimes. In my case, Comcast failed in their reaction and Verizon excelled in theirs.

Thank you.

Thing of the Day: The History Channel Presents The War of 1812

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