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Neo-Prohibitionism Sucks

lock up the drinkers
corral them in the corner
away from the fest

Written by Captain Hops.

References: Thou shalt not sip your beer with momo in hand, kids in tow. The first part of this article is about how the organizers of a “family friendly” festival in Ontario fence all the drinkers into a tiny area away from the rest of the festivities. In fact they are so “family friendly” that family members under the legal drinking age are separated by a fence from their loved ones that choose to drink a beer with their festival food. How do we teach our young to respect beer if we disrespect drinkers, separate families, and prevent youth from seeing anyone drink in a responsible way. Demonizing the beverage that created civilization and the people that drink it simply creates “forbidden fruit” that leads to binge drinking and an unhealthy and unsafe youth culture around alcohol. (By the way, the article changes to a completely different topic in the middle without any sub-titles to let you know it happened. Just stop reading when it stops making sense.)
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