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The Session: Atmosphere

friendly, smokefree bar
where you can find a seat and
hear your friends’ stories

there’s plenty of taps
so you can always choose the
beer that fits your mood

outside on the deck
with a cool breeze and cold beer
watching boats and gulls

at home with family
steaks on the grill, beer in hand
nothing but comfort

Written by Captain Hops.

the Session - Atmosphere

References: It’s Beer Blogging Day, a.k.a. The Session. This month’s session is hosted by Hop Talk and the theme is Atmosphere.

Al and Ron “want to know about the “Atmosphere” in which you enjoy beer. Where is your favorite place to have a beer? When? With whom? Most importantly: Why?”

All are welcome to participate. Simply publish a post on your blog about the atmosphere of beer drinking and email Al or Ron with the URL.

I think you’ll find that most of my haiku are about exactly this topic. The haiku written for today simply offer a glimpse of the beer drinking occasions in which I am most happy to find myself.

Links to all write-ups for this Session can be found at Hop Talk.

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Thing of the Day: Designing the World’s Best Bars

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