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Facing Winter

Winter Warmer time
Like to brew our own at home
Facing the winter

Written by Glyn and Mary.

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The Summer Beer Blues

Maine’s freeze is over
I have a new source of SAD
Good-bye winter brews

Written by Pete

Thing of the Day: Beer in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance

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The Session: Winter Beers

Winter Storm “Category 5″ Ale

the ice storm outside
mighty adversary to
the storm in my glass

Snow Goose

warm hoppy reward
for the temporary path
I dug through the snow

Santa’s Private Reserve

After breaking in
to Santa’s Private Reserve
I’m now jolly too

Written by Captain Hops.

the Session: Winter Beer

References: This post is part of The Session. The Session is a monthly group writing project for beer bloggers. This month’s theme is Winter Beers and is hosted by Barley Vine.

You gotta love winter time when brewers turn up the cheer and release their seasonal Winter Warmers. It’s like a little reward for beer lovers simply for living through Thanksgiving, Black Friday, the first frost, and a general increase in stress as the end of the year holidays approach.

Some brewers feature beers with spices, others offer beers with heftier malt and hop profiles, nearly all increase the alcohol content a smidge… or more. In any case it’s special and fun and the variety is astonishing.

In the haiku above, I’ve highlighted some local brewers from Maryland as well as the Rogue Brewery from Newport, Oregon. I think these three beers are outstanding examples of the Winter seasonal. I could go all Winter with these three beers alone, but I am very glad that I have an incredible assortment of other Winter Warmers to choose from as well.

Wishing you a warm and wonderful Winter filled with cheers!

Checkout the complete round up of The Session: Winter Beers.

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Thing of the Day: Wondrous Cold: An Antarctic Journey

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Plenty of Winter Seasonals

frigid winds howling
in a scorned jealous rage as
we party inside

Written by Captain Hops.

References: Session #10 has been announced. Barley Vine chose the theme “Let it snow, let it snow, Winter Seasonal Beers“. Here’s a refresher on The Session if you need it.
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Thing of the Day: The Big Book of Winter Fun: Puzzles Mazes, Jokes, and Games to Last the Entire Season

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Beer on an Island

Beer on our island
- a summer necessity -
for winter as well

Beer on our Paros:
the locals drink Dutch Amstel
visitors like Greek

Contributed by Michael from

Buy at

References: Amstel, Mythos Beer, Greek Beer News
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