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Pour Me Another

hoping she’d be there
dublin spends another night
waiting for the cab

dublin the cat

Haiku and photo by MidnightSushi.

References: Dublin Bodoh was adopted through Shelter From The Storm of Madison, Wisconsin in August of this past year. He lost his ears and a good portion of his tail due to frostbite last winter, which caused some to question his adoptability. Nevertheless, since that time, he has found a loving home with the author and is currently enjoying the finer things in life. Dublin’s weight, which was documented at 8 lbs by shelter veterinarians last spring, is now 13.4 lbs. and climbing. His roommates, Sushi and Midnight, have proven to be wonderful friends but not necessarily that which he seeks in a lifemate. Hence, he’s still hitting the bars.

If you are interested in adopting a pet, check out They have a searchable database of individual pets as well as contact information for shelters in your area. Remember, it’s cold out there.
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Thing of the Day: Adopt the Perfect Dog

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