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The Session: Mild

Searching high and low
for that elusive mild
step back from the edge

Written by Captain Hops.

First Friday in May
At the bar I sit with friends
I am drinking mild

Mysterious mild
Misunderstood as you are
Man, you sure taste good

Written by Jay Brooks.

the Session Milds

References: This post is for the First Friday Beer Blogging Day a.k.a “The Session”. I was unable to find any milds for this assignment. I searched all the reliable beer sources in the area and came up with zilch. Apparently, marketers feel they simply can’t market “mild” to the “extreme” American customer. Although, I am still looking for that elusive mild, I have been drinking in the spirit of the mild ale. I’ve been stepping back from the high hop, high alcohol brews that are so popular today and relaxing with more laid back, but still quite tasty brews.

Keep an eye on Jay’s post for the full compilation of this month’s session posts.

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Thing of the Day: Mild Ale: History, Brewing, Techniques, Recipes

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