Support Modern Laws

Beer lovers unite
Rise above the tyranny
Make laws that make sense

Contributed by Captain Hops.

References: It looks like Maryland isn’t the only state with insane beer distribution laws. Our friends in Oklahoma are taking a stand. We should support our brethren: Oklahomans for Modern Laws
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Thing of the Day: Prohibition: Thirteen Years That Changed America

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6 Comments on “Support Modern Laws”

  • #1  Toosmart Forowngood

    Does anyone know who these folks are and why they don’t have a website? they have no presence where thinking drinkers spent their free time. Here on the web. Someplace that they could tell us where they will be to sign the petetion, current news about their efforts et c.
    just my 2cents

  • #2  Captain Hops

    From what I could gather (and the information was sparse), Oklahomans for Modern Laws appear to be the same people that successfully brought an end to Oklahoma Liquor by the Drink laws in 1985. (here is a colorful description of those days).

    I am unable to find contact information for the group, but it appears they had a representative speak at a meeting of the Liberterian Party of Oklahoma on August 8, 2006.

    If anyone has information about this group or any group in any state working to make laws governing local brewers and wineries more sensible. Please post it here in the comments.

  • #3  Captain Hops

    Memo to Oklahomans for Modern Laws. It took only 3 days for this post to become #2 in Google search results for your organization name. Your website (if you have one) doesn’t show up anywhere.

    If you are trying to promote a cause, you should probably do a better job of publicizing it. People are looking for you and trying to get in touch with you to help you, but they can’t figure out how.

    Feel free to leave contact information here in the comments. We really want to help your cause.

  • #4  Rex Bibendi

    I’ve been looking for them, too - and I’m here in Oklahoma. Despite sporadic stories in the local news media over the past year here about this effort, the folks behind this initiative to bring Oklahoma’s liquor laws into the 21st century are scarce on the ground.
    Many of us here are eager to support them: they just haven’t made it very easy.
    And already a trifecta of powerful interests in this state are lining up resources to keep our state semi-dry as it currently is; the Southern Baptists and their asundry evangelical allies; the MADD fanatics; and, ironically, the liquor store owners. They all have a vested interest in keeping Wine out of the grocery & convenience stores, and “strong” (i.e., regular) Beer out of the state altogether.
    It is an unholy alliance, but at least the liquor store owners have a legitimate financial bone to pick with any such proposal: if the alcohol laws here are relaxed in the way the majority of us want, they stand to lose a chunk of change, since as it now stands you can only buy a bottle of Wine in a liquor store, and the more popular Beer companies will ship nothing but 3.2% swill here.
    The Southern Baptist and MADD crowd simply hate the notion of anyone drinking anywhere, anytime, for any reason - as people who hate life and despise pleasure are wont to do.
    C’mon Oklahoman’s for Modern Laws! Most of your fellow Sooners support you, but you got to get on the ball and let us know where and how we can best support your efforts!

  • #5  Captain Hops

    It looks like Oklahomans for Modern Laws has a website now. They have an FAQ and a donation form. There is also a phone number to call for more information.

    Now all they need is an events calendar and a way to volunteer.

  • #6  Tulsan

    That drupal site is awful. They could at least provide a way to register and a forum. If these guys are the ones driving change, I’m not too confident it’ll happen. In other civilized states, it’s very convenient to get decent beer and wine at a grocery store - and cold, at that. Please, please, PLEASE get this on a ballot and let’s hope the SuperChurchies don’t knock it down.

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