Taking a Break

A well deserved break
From responsibility
to simply recharge

Written by Captain Hops.

References: After updating this site every single day for 5 years, I’ve decided to take a break. I hope you’ve enjoyed our little run. Feel free to browse the archives, there are more than 1825 haiku to peruse. Make sure you rate your favorites. I am thinking about compiling a collection of the best new and classic beer haiku into a book. If you are interested in such a thing, please sign up to be notified.

Beer Haiku is not dead. I am just taking a break from the “Daily” part. I will continue to accept and publish submissions from beer poets everywhere. Hell, I’ll might even start taking limericks, sonnets, and songs too. What do you want to see? What do you want to submit?


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8 Comments on “Taking a Break”

  • #1  Year on the Grill

    Great body of work… the applause is starting from here

  • #2  Pete Bishop

    Well short poems are a good addition. Here is my favorite:

    I think that I shall never hear
    a poem as lovely as a Beer
    The brew that Joe’s Bar has on tap
    with golden base and snowy cap
    That foamy stuff I drink all day
    until my memory floats away
    Poems are made by fools I fear,
    but only Schlitz can make a beer.

    Of course you can substitute your favorite brewer’s name. The original is from MAD magazine Circa 1958-59

  • #3  Glass Bottles

    When are you coming back? This break has turned into forever… which I guess I can understand when you faithfully come up with beer haikus every day!

  • #4  Kelly

    Hello Capt’n Hops. Kelly here, from Haiku By Two. Just this spring I’ve picked up two little gifty haiku books. One is called Hot Flash Haiku. The other is F. U. Haiku. Both were put out by Adams Media (www.adamsmedia.com). I was at the web site the other day and they have an open submission policy.

    Both of these haiku books have haiku organized into 5 categories and are about 200 pages long — one haiku on each page. Perhaps you should start weeding through yours and starting to think about a Beer Haiku book! : )

  • #5  Glass Bottles

    I have browsed the archives… I am pumped for the new stuff!

  • #6  Eva Facebook

    Absolutely magnificent and a simple love story! Go beer!

  • #7  Australian Beers

    A great blog, enjoyed a lot…

  • #8  Best Beers in Australia

    wow, now this is a beer blog with a real difference. I love it here, nice work!

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