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King Charles’ House, Worcester


The King Charles House was meant to be the convergence of the ‘Proper Day Out in Worcester’ temporary cask/keg split. Sadly it didn’t happen, well it did, just on the pavement outside, as you can see. 

We saw the rebels walking up the street from our window based table and rapidly supped up and ran out to stop them coming in and making us have another pint.

Don’t get me wrong, there was nothing wrong with the beer it was just nothing to write home about really. I can’t even remember what I had, it might have been North Star from my illegible notes? Whatever, all the beers were from Craddock’s brewery which I’ve never had before and won’t be running back for really. Sorry folks.

The pub though is another Worcester gem with it’s black and white half timbered frontage. Maybe it could be the oldest pub in Worcester, but isn’t that the Cardinal’s Hat? Hold on, but that’s not an original building is it, just there’s been pub on the site for the longest time. Reputedly King Charles II actually fled from King Charles House after the battle of Worcester in 1651 and the Pub Website has 1577 emblazoned across it. Mind you I have been in more than a few Oldest inn in England’s before.

It really is a beautiful place and the fire place towards the front of the pub is amazing, ‘1634’ is carved upon it, so maybe they had French lager on in here a good 30 years before anywhere else? On a serious note, the impressive piece of wood carving had been looked after too. 

Apart from being busier than a lot of places, serving Pieminister pies and the bar staff being efficient and friendly there wasn’t a great deal else to say, so I’ll leave it at that.

Or I might just say that King Charles House typifies Worcester; lovely pubs, average beers.

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  1. From the King Charles House “we saw the rebels walking up the street”, yes, those Roundheads with their disregard for tradition.
    A historian would have told you that the “1634” was carved on the fireplace by a carpenter customer acknowledging Charles I buying his first pint in the pub at 4.34pm.

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    • It’s a cracking pub – I’m going to go into what makes a good pub great IMO in terms of beer in the next post. Imagine this with a well balanced selection of well kept ales? Maybe an outstanding BBB like Boltmaker, or Cwtch, a decent pale; nothing too progressive, lets say Summer Lightning and then a darker beer; 1872 Porter maybe or even one of the old fashioned stronger milds that are currently in vogue. And if they are selling well what about a cherry on top; something like Baby Faced Assassin or BC Sunshine?

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