Beerleeds in Top Ten UK Beer Blogs & Websites for 2018!

uk_beer_1000pxIt’s not often I get awarded anything. Okay I got a few professional commendations in the past, and occasionally a cheque from the Premium Bonds, but only for £25 a time.

I was quite chuffed when I got a Tweet from Feedspot announcing I was in their top ten UK Beer Blogs and Websites 2018! Number 8 to be precise.

I’ll be honest, I was a bit suspicious at first, but there didn’t seem to be any catch, no request for cash or signing up to anything. Then I started to get emails telling me I could be in their Top Ten UK Beer Bloggers list if I signed up for their premium service. This seemed a bit cock eyed because I’m already in it?

I started to look at who else was in it? Boak & Bailey, Tandleman, Stonch, Beer Yeti, Beer O’clock, Beers Today, Honestbrew, BGBW and Cheers. I did think that some of them were less prolific than they have been, but I admire and follow quite a few of these sites. I can’t see these sites paying to get in someones rankings. Maybe I’ll get removed next week, because they are getting diddly squat out of me.

So, what is in it for me? Apart from the Kudos and a download of a little medal? Nowt really. If a few more people follow me then that’s cool. It makes no odds to me, so long as people enjoy what I write as much as I enjoy the experiences about which I write.

For all I know it might still be some sort of a scam – I’m not all that internet savvy. Maybe everyone who signs up to receive notifications has their data stripped and sold. But hold on, haven’t they stopped all that? On balance, I think maybe I’d prefer anyone who wants to follow me to sign up on my blogsite to receive emails, or follow via WordPress, along with the 3,000 odd other followers.

Either way, I’d like to thank everyone who does follow and read me via email, WordPress or Twitter. It really is appreciated.

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  1. It’s a scam. Putin just owned up to it at that Helsinki press conference. Check your money is still under your bed.

    If it’s not a scam, you have the best photos. Shame your view on beer are plain weird.

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