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Room with a Brew, Nottingham

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I had high hopes of this place. A friendly crowd of people sat outside waved as I took a photo from the other side of Derby Road. It’s in the GBG so it must be good, mustn’t it?

Reality was, I wished I’d carried on walking and gone to Overdraught, like RM told me to. It’s not in the GBG, yet, but RM says it’s a nailed on cert. It’s only a few hundred yards further out as well, as I found out when we drove towards the motorway the next day.

My perceptions didn’t help when I couldn’t get served. A weird set of pseudo academic types had physically corralled off the, already hard to get to, bar in the corner of the room.

The lady who was meant to be serving on seemed more intent on talking to them than serving me. It didn’t help that she decided to serve them another drink before she even acknowledged me, and then took an age because one of the beer engines sucked back half of what it dispensed on each pull.


Never mind, the Art Deco chairs more than compensated. Far too nice to be in a bar and much better to look at than to be sat in. I say bar, it’s not a pub, more a micro pub, with micro pub hours; closed Monday, truncated hours the rest of the week. All a bit strange for what are essentially city centre premises.

When I did get served I discovered it was £2.50 a pint all day Sunday, which apparently is cheaper than the normal CAMRA 20p off a pint discount. The beers were mainly from Scribblers Ales. In fact I formed the impression that Room with a Brew was the Scribblers Ales brewery tap, but no one was letting on until I had a look at their website.


Initially we sat inside, and it’s quite nicely done out, but the people at the bar were still annoying me. I don’t care what you’ve done, where you’ve been, what you’re gunner do. And believe me there was a lot of gunner do this, gunner do that . Maybe they imagined they were ex Royal Artillery? Whatever, I don’t want to listen to affected wankers when I’m out for a nice quiet drink with my wife, or indeed at any time else thinking about it, so we went outside to the recently vacated tables on the street.

I got three beers to try: One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, Masher in the Rye and Beyond all Reasonable Stout. You might not be picking up on it, but all the Scribblers stuff, and the pub are literary themed.

We had to drink some out of each glass before we could balance them on the sloping table and that was as far as we got. What you see in the leaning half pints of Scribblers on the slopey spill of Derby Rd picture, is what we left behind us.


There wasn’t any thing particularly wrong with the condition of the beer, it wasn’t all sour and vinegary, not oxidised or anything like that. It was just totally uninspiring. More like home-brew than GBG beer. No wonder they were trying to sell it off cheap.

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  1. You didn’t like it then?! First time I went it wasn’t open as GBG times differ from that on the door. Second time was a Saturday night and it was far too rammed to enjoy, so sympathise with your experience.


  2. The place was right enough. The bar flies were obviously part of the local clique. I just couldn’t get my head around the beer. I don’t know whether Martin is being tongue in cheek when he says ‘ the porter was superb’, but I was quite looking forward to the 6% stout, only to find it tired and ordinary. Surely it must just have been this particular evening as the other GBG pubs I visited in Nottingham were of a high quality.


  3. Yes, it often is ex-military who think they have a God given right to sit at the bar with never a thought as to whether anyone else might want to get served.
    And doesn’t all this “totally uninspiring. More like home-brew” murk make you question what the point of 2000 microbreweries is ?

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  4. Hi there.
    Room With a Brew is actually my local, and I am often found at Sunday Club myself. Looking at the photos I don’t seem to have been there that day, but I would like to extend an apology if you felt you were being excluded. I can quite appreciate that when you walk into a strange pub the “locals” can appear like a clique that seems to exclude visitors.

    As somebody who moved into the area last year, and who has been warmly welcomed by the crowd of “pseudo academics” (they’ll be tickled by that, I assure you), I do feel sad if a visitor has not had the same experience. That could have been me last year, and I would have missed out on so much if that had been the case.

    But in our defense it’s inevitable that the bar area tends to get a bit congested – and I can assure you that normally we do recognise that issue and we make way for people trying to get served. I’m sorry that this was not your experience, but the same thing that makes a pub “friendly” – which is laughing, chatting people at the bar – can also appear intimidating if those people are deep in conversation and genuinely don’t notice somebody trying to get served.

    I don’t want to speak for the others, but I’m pretty sure none of us feels we have a “god given right” to stand at the bar…or maybe we do, but we will definitely stand aside when a fellow traveler is in need of refreshment 🙂

    Anyway…if you happen to be passing RWAB on a Sunday and fancy a game of Jenga or Cards Against Humanity then please, please do give the pub another chance.



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