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Day 22 – Yorkshire Yankee


If this Advent Calendar were a game of snap, playing against Beer Hawk, then I wouldn’t be winning very often! The good people commenting on the daily Beer Hawk YouTube Video are enjoying a glass of Camden IHL, whereas I’ve got a can of Roosters Yankee. Am I bothered?

There’s nothing wrong with Camden, Mrs C’s ‘go to’ beer in our local Stew & Oyster is a Camden Pale on draught, and once you get over the initial metallic hit, then it’s nice easy drinking. A regular visitor to the same establishment is Roosters Baby Faced Assassin, on cask, it’s always a big hit, even amongst the more traditional drinkers. Likewise, a few hundred yards up the road, The Pax at Thorp Arch, a smashing little traditional village pub, has a permanent hand pump with a Roosters cask ale. That isn’t unusual you say, after all this should be Roosters heart land, they only brew it just up the road in Knaresborough. Thing is, Roosters are quite a progressive brewer, who were in at the start of the trend towards more progressive styles in the British beer industry; 1993 in fact, and Yankee was one of the earlier brews that showcased American hops and a new style of beers.

What I like about Roosters is they aren’t overpowering ‘in your face’ beers. Good beers, undoubtedly, but nothing is extreme. I also like the fact they continue to evolve, they were among the first smaller, progressive British brewers to produce their beer in cans.

The 4.3%, pale golden, Yankee, is as clear as a bell in the glass. The aroma and taste is citrus, and there’s a very pale malt taste, the whole thing finishes moderately bitter, and the presence of Cascade hops is obvious. Like I said, although everything you want is in there, nothing is overstated and it all nicely balances together. The brewer rightly terms it a modern classic. Something that can be enjoyed by those with both progressive and traditional tastes alike.

Verdict: Would I have preferred the more expensive (£2.59) 6.2% Camden IHL or the can of 4.2% Roosters Yankee (2.29)? I don’t know, I’ve never tried the IHL. I enjoyed the can of Yankee, it’s excellent beer. If Santa could have granted me one wish, I would have asked for a can of Roosters 6.1% Baby Faced Assassin (£2.49), instead.

All prices obtained from Beer Hawk web site today (23-12-16)

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  1. I’d be happier with Roosters, personally – the Camden stuff I’ve tried has been nice enough, but nothing that’s seemed all that different to anything else.

    Roosters I’ve never tried (and I don’t think I’ve seen it much locally) so I’d be happy with getting to try something new, and something I might not have come across before. (And I’ve made a note of “Baby Faced Assassin” – one to keep an eye out for).


    • I need to try it. Normally not something I would go out of my way for, and not readily available hereabouts. I’m a ‘in the pub/bar drinker, primarily on draught, and not a bottle shop aficianado.


    • I had a quick taste of Mrs C’s Camden Pale when we went out yesterday. I don’t mind it as an easy going drink (after the initial metallic taste, which sort of disappears). Only thing is, why is it so expensive?


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