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Day 10 – Japanese Rice Beer


No apologies today, I’ve been on the razzle since 1100hrs yesterday, apart from a brief respite in bed!

A Japanese beer, had one before that my daughter bought me from M&S, and I didn’t like it! Think it was a wheat beer? I like the label and that’s maybe why my 22 year old daughter chose it?

As soon as you take the top off it starts to foam out of the bottle neck. The initial aroma? metallic. Initial taste? Metallic.

This beer is like a good wine, it needs to be allowed to breathe. Let it breathe and the stannic thwack disappears.

This beer is very very interesting. I can’t put my finger on it. I won’t be drinking it on a session, even in front of the fire at home. But, I’m glad I did drink this rice beer. Some authorities reckon putting rice in beer is a cheap option, sugar without taste? This is rice malt, I didn’t realise they did it? Sweet, toffee sweet, sour but not tart, interesting but not much else. Fermented rice? Maybe? Almost a sort of emptiness amongst some nice elements, but a nice emptiness.

Verdict – Interesting choice. Glad I had it, would I be buying it to drink at home? Errrr … maybe not.

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