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Open First! For Coldwell’s Advent Calendar


It suddenly dawned on me. When was I going to drink my beer? And then, when was I going to post about it? I don’t usually drink until the late afternoon, apart from Saturdays. Effectively I’d be drinking my beer in the evening and then posting the same day. Personally, I wasn’t too keen on this. Drinking and thinking, then posting the next day, seemed a much better idea. Only thing was I’d already posted the prequel, so to speak, and would end up with a day missing. I didn’t want that, I like a lot of order and continuity and if I’m going to post every day, then I am going to post every day. Any other way and it just don’t seem right to me!

Then it struck me, there’s twenty four days of advent, but the little flaps on the advent calendar are all neat and uniform, sort of square and grid like. You can’t have square and grid like with twenty four flaps, can you? No, there’s twenty five of them, all squared up, five by five. Perhaps there’s a Christmas day one?

There wasn’t. There was however an ‘Open First’ flap. So I did! Inside was, what might seem obvious, a glass! Actually, I had expected some instructions, notes maybe, at least a list of allergens or something?


What about the glass then. Plain glass, short stemmed, not quite a tulip, a bit wider at the top. I think it’s actually called a Pokal glass, a sort of a pilsner glass with a stem. I have seen them advertised as craft beer glasses. At first glance it appears half pint sized. I tried it using a stamped half pint pub glass, it’s actually quite a bit larger. I dropped a bit of Ribena into the glass to make it more obvious. In reality half of a pint only fills the glass about three quarters full.

Myself, I’ve taken to trying beer in a third tulip glass, mostly. I like the size and the way the inward curve of the tulip focusses the aroma. having said that, I realise that for a beer with a foamy, creamy head like a wheat beer you need wider top on the glass to let all the fluffiness of the head develop, without it rushing up and out of the neck of the glass. The small stemmed tulip suits me and what I drink the most though.

I thought the glass might tell me a bit about the beers I might get? There are a few pointers; there’s plenty room in the glass to led a head develop. Maybe to let a head develop from a single pour without spilling? Perhaps there’s a weizen in there? Maybe a bottle conditioned beer or three?

If I’m honest, without being cynical, I think I’ve got a glass that suits lots of styles. maybe not the best glass ever for each style I might get, but one that works. I mean, they can’t give you half a dozen different types of glassware can they? Not unless, there’s a deluxe case and I’ve only got the standard box?

I’ve had another skeg at the box and it actually says, ‘Craft Beer tasting glass included.’ So maybe my predictions are inaccurate and all I’ve got is a box of Craft Beer. But, what exactly is Craft Beer?

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  1. As I am on the last leg of my pre Christmas diet – 1.5 stone down and .5 to go – my drinking is severely curtailed so hope you have no objection to me using you as my proxy drinker until the Christmas Day – hope there is a good imperial stout in there!


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