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Alexandra Arms, Rugby

I read somewhere recently about there being a difference between Pub men and Beer men? I might revise that to Pub and Beer people because Mrs C came out on the recent Beer and Pub Forum, Rugby day out.

To differing extents this became apparent on several occasions that day, as Pubcurmudgeon points out. I agree with him too, although my example here is a different one;

Faced with a choice of four different cask ales, which one do you go for? Let me amend that slightly, when in the tap room of a small microbrewery, situated in the pub garden, which beer do you go for?

For me it’s a no-brainer, you try their own beers, especially when it’s an almost nano-brewery who’s beers don’t get very far beyond their locality. Surprisingly, for the brewery tap, there was only one Atomic Brewery beer on so it was half of Atomic Brewery Strike for me, a very pale, clean tasting, citrussy beer at 3.5%, which I scored as NBSS 3.5.

No, I wouldn’t have even thought about having Hook Norton, Old Hooky. As good as it is, I don’t want BBB from Oxford in a Warwickshire brewpub. Mind you, looks like non of the locals had been fancying it neither as it had gone.

Pubcurmudgeon and Retired Martin had to wait while the barman made Mrs C a Latte, proving that the future of pubs may not be entirely in the hands of Pub Men. Fair play to the house for the no quibble exchange of their dodgy Hooky. However, the very well presented hot drink leads nicely into the decor of this back street local.

The front part was nicely decorated, predominantly in a shade that would apparently suit our kitchen. There was a fresh posy on every table and random brewing related words at measured intervals on the walls. Another plus point was the presence of a real cider through a hand pump, Moonshine an extra strong white cider (7.5%) which is a real cider from Broad Oak Cider.

The rear of the pub was a much larger, music inspired room with a pool table, bandit and a couple or three, thirty something locals who were well away at 1pm. One of them came over and tried telling me he was the landlord before admitting he was just a dick head.

To be fair he was quite likeable and entertaining, regaling us of past Rugby pubs, a couple we had spied on our short walk into the town centre; the Avon Mill and the Peacock, the former semi-derelict and the latter flats.

I thought the brewery itself would have been a little more impressive, but what more do you need for a micro-brewery than an outhouse in the corner of the beer garden.

The pub’s legendary Jukey proved popular with our party, probably because it was five tunes for a quid. So it was the shrill tones of Mr Weinrib that accompanied us as we processed to the next boozer. 

Would I have stopped in here all afternoon, like I said I would have done in the Seven Stars ? Multi award winning Good beer Guide Pub or not – sorry, no.

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  1. “Surprisingly, for the brewery tap, there was only one Atomic Brewery beer on” but when I went to their Victoria last year nobody was drinking the Atomic beers so maybe they just don’t drink well in Rugby.
    The brewery might not look “impressive” but it’s built like a brick ——– !
    You “don’t want ‘BBB’ from Oxford in a Leicestershire brewpub” – or in a Warwickshire brewpub !

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  2. Now, I didn’t know his real name was Mr Weinrib. You learn something every day. And I’m sure I possess more CDs featuring his singing than you do.

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    • I bet I’ve got all of Geddy Lee Weinrib’s CD’s, the key ones, not including live versions etc. They are IMO a very good band wh I can listen to constantly – Spirit of the Radio, we listened to is a brilliant foray into mainstream for them.


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