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Hop Project, Jing’an, Shanghai

We only visited the Hop Project because we had an hour to kill and it was within walking distance of Goose Island Brewhouse and Di Shui Dong, the most amazing Hunan style restaurant where we’d booked a table. The food is to die for, the cumin seed and chilli ribs a highlight, but as all the food is very spicy, it’s not for the feint hearted. Suggested food pairing; Chinese tea.

My son said he’d been really disappointed the last time he visited Hop Project as nearly all the beers were from the same brewery and, he thought, pretty average. Had we known the Beast Of The East tap takeover he had stumbled on was on for the whole month of March we would probably have stayed in Goose Island. Reading between the lines, lengthy tap takeovers from different brewers seem to be the norm here. I read that both Brewdog and the excellent Jing A have been seen OTB.

However, the bar is actually quite pleasant. We sat outside under the patio heaters. Ethically I don’t agree with them, but sitting at a high table as the daylight wained in late March, they were a welcome addition as we watched the world go by.

The street outside is predominantly other bars and restaurants. As with everything in China, find one type of premises and you find lots. None of them were really busy, even at 6.30 – 7.00pm, but it was early in the week. The area of Jing’an does throw up quite a few craft beer bars though, and in a city that makes London look like a small town, is a good starting place.

I can’t remember what we drank? There were seven Beast Of The East beers on draught, a lager, a cider and a beer from Tuatara, which sadly wasn’t in the 4 – 7pm Happy Hour deal. If I’m honest I can’t even remember how much the beer was, I made no notes. We didn’t have any of the grilled cheese sandwiches they sold neither.

Ratebeer doesn’t seem to have Beast of The East listed? The poster said brewed in Shanghai. Untappd have a limited listing and there’s nothing much coming up on a Google search. The staff didn’t speak enough English to help us any further neither. My take was they were nothing special, average at best and not to be rushed back for any time soon.

Thing is it isn’t always the beer, it’s the people, especially when it’s family and we spent a pleasant hour in Hop Project before leaving for the restaurant. But. Like my lad said, if he’d known it had still been Beast Of The East he wouldn’t have taken us. We can say we tried it though.

Hop Project is at 372 Dagu Lu, near Chengdu Bei Lu.

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    • Target audience, ex-pats and locals with excess cash, western lifestyle who can speak and read English. I have never seen as many Maseratis as I saw in Shanghai, although they are probably not the target audience either. Like I said somewhere earlier, if you are Chinese and can speak good English there are far better paid jobs available than bar work.


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