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Brewdog, Mitte Berlin

Another day, another Brewdog. This one an orphan post from my trip to Berlin. I forget how many I’ve been in now? Only thing is they seem to keep creating new ones as fast as you can say Jackhammer.

The current list goes something like this and looking at it, I’m not doing very well as Brewdog bar ticker, am I?


Aberdeen Union Square

Aberdeen Castlegate

Angel ☑️






Canary Wharf





Dogtap Ellon


Edinburgh Airport

Edinburgh Cowgate☑️

Edinburgh Lothian Rd

Glasgow Merchant City

Glasgo Kelvingrove

Leeds North Street☑️

Leeds Corn exchange☑️




Milton Keynes




Outpost Tower Hill

Overworks Tap Room




Seven Dials

Shepherds Bush







That’s not including the nineteen international, plus three N.American locations, although I’ve got two international ☑️ in the bag. For some reason I’ve never been in the York one, even though it’s only ten miles away, more to do with the vagaries of inter West/North Yorkshire public transport than anything else.

I’m also very unlikely to ever complete the list as there’s no way I’m going to book a flight from Edinburgh airport, just to sample the airside Brewdog. 

I’ll probably not go back to Leicester neither, not unless something spectacularly interesting arises. I’ve done Leicester. It’s okay, Brewdog wasn’t on the Proper Day out itinerary, but it’s not worth a long drive and an overnighter.

Anyhow, back to Berlin. It’s lunch time on a Saturday and apart from a family eating there’s only us in. A few more people did trickle in, mainly with the purpose of eating in mind.

Fair play to the guy behind the bar. I’d forgot my EFP card, but he still gave me the 10% anyway. Decent lad, but he started to get a bit nippy when every time he got ready to sneak out for a cig someone else popped up at the bar. He managed a quick drag in the end though.

Decor? Standard Brewdog, what else can you say? Quite a big airy space though and well maintained, including the excellent toilets. Pizzas were the focus of the dining family groups, as opposed to beer. No one seemed to fancy the attractive looking beer garden outside. The December chill deterring all but the hardened nicotinistas.

Six Brewdog standards, plus ten other Brewdog draught beers. Nine guest beers from Brew by Numbers, Northern Monk, Stone and a few local ones. We just had a Punk IPA and a Dead Pony, decent, they are what they are. They were also better value than the guests which were similarly priced around the €5 mark, just for 0.3L as opposed to 0.5L. There was a reasonable bottle/can selection too.

It’s got to be said. Take the German voices away and you could be anywhere. Even the guy behind the bar was an alien.

Downsides? Stickers. Everywhere, stickers, stickers, stickers and more stickers. You know the sort I mean. The ones most of us grew out of in the lower sixth. That’s Year 12 to the Snowflake generations. 

There’s a bit of a juvenile sticker epidemic in Berlin. I think they move on to graffiti after stickers. I say graffiti , as opposed to considered street art, well placed and not causing offence in any way. There is, to my mind a considerable difference. 

To prove this, I considered a post showing the wonderful street art I captured at the iconic Teufelsberg in the Grunewald Forest. Only thing was there was no beer. Not until we eventually tracked through the woods to a neat little wooden shack of a pub cum restaurant called Waldmeister Treff, near S.Grunewald S-Bahn station, by which time we were that cold a hot drink was called for.

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    • Reserved a table in Berlin for seven to take advantage of the “Fanzone” Women’s World Cup public viewing as advertised by Brew Dog.

      Despite having confirmed the reservation by e-mail – including the specific information that we were booking for the Women’s World Cup – to my horror, we arrived half an hour before kickoff to learn that there was no such “Fanzone” as advertised and that the pub would not be showing the World Cup at all.

      But what was truly shocking was the unapologetic, condescending reaction. First, a total denial that Brew Dog had advertised itself as a women’s World Cup venue, second , the assertion that this is a “British Bar” and that there is no interest in “American sports.” Upon being corrected that the pub had advertised itself as a Women’s World Cup Venue, instead of an apology, I was told that I could have a free beer if I “calmed down” because I “needed to calm down.”

      At no point was there any acknowledgement of error and the staff were incredibly rude and condescending. As one of Brew Dog’s original Glasgow customers, I am disappointed beyond words at the shocking lack of respect and customer service offered by your Berlin location.
      Despite my long affiliation with Brew Dog going back to its very early days in Glasgow, given this treatment I will not be inclined to visit your establishment again.

      Brew Dog has shown no respect for American women. I would advise American women to spend their time and money elsewhere.


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