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Café Beermoth, Manchester

Behemoth, a huge or monstrous creature which the Bible sayeth, can only be controlled by God, it’s creator.

Café Beermoth, a huge but certainly not monstrous and indeed wonderful bar in the centre of Manchester. Definitely not a pub, but a very nice space to sample a few at lunchtime and a far more manageable creature than the biblical beast.

Half one, and there’s about dozen people in. Mostly sat in the elevated booths in the floor to ceiling windows at the front of the premises. To the left of the bar are plenty of tables and comfy seating. Above the bar to the right, a more intimate mezzanine floor with chapel furniture.

In terms of decor, it’s all been done very nicely, a classy version of modern craft beer bar style; glass, chrome, bare wood and a huge, dangling, dried hop vine. Thing is, it’s not specifically a craft beer bar. The web site says 16 changing beer lines. I’m sure I counted 17; 9 keg and 8 cask?

The draught beer range? Outstanding, God has definitely had a hand in the beer selection here. Something for everyone, apart from those wanting BBB. The bottle selection is similarly outstanding. It was that good I started to get bit giddy.

So giddy, I plumped for a pint of Windy Pale. It’s nice, suits everyone and when you’ve been in a cask ale vacuum for over a month, just the thing.

First pint of cask ale for 5 weeks and it was belting. An easy NBSS 4 in my book. So good I had to have another, despite alsorts of other loveliness on offer. In fact I could have sat in here all afternoon with the same excellent beer.

Café Beermoth seem to have everything spot on. The staff were chatty and knowledgeable. The clientele were decent, the gentle music and ambience were first rate. Toilets were excellent. Even the workman outside had set up his table so near the window he could believe he was actually inside.

I clocked the portable crowd barriers by the entrance and thought I might not want to be in here later on, or at the weekend, but on a Thursday afternoon it was just cool and a nice foil to the organised chaos and din of two lost hours in the Chinese Consulate Visa Centre. 

Prices were good for a glitzy city centre bar. A pint of Windermere pale and a half of Wylam’s Hickey The Rake, in cask too, came to £5.35. The Windy Pale was £3.80. Roosters Yankee similar, but you could have paid up to an £11.80 a pint equivalent for the 10.5% Left Hand Giant Life Without Oxygen.

You just wouldn’t want a pint of it would you, so putting into sensible terms, a half was no more expensive than a glass of half decent pub wine. I might have gone for a third myself.

I was quite interested in the cellar. A sort of micro-pub to end all micro-pub cellars behind a glass screen that ran the length of the long bar. Very clean and tidy and obviously well run. For whatever reason some of the casks were horizontal racked and some vertically tapped, probably tight for space on the racking?

While we were there, one of the well known local brewery delivery vans rocked up. Surprisingly it was COD? You’d have thought a smooth operator like this that’s been going 6 years would have a good line of credit?

Mind you, I’ve noticed with our little beer festival that the Manchester breweries do like cash up front. Obviously I respect their policy, and it’s always good to know where exactly where you stand, but surely a sad sign of the times. A bit like the ‘No Sport Colours’ policy, which says so much about what you might expect on a night out.

Anyhow, Café Beermoth. A GBG listed beery giant in the centre of Manchester which I will definitely be returning to next time I visit the city.

On this evidence I ought to visit more often.

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  1. Spot on. Classy place. It was on Joan and Dave Southworth’s itinerary in January and we all enjoyed the beer. Sort of place I sometimes wonder into for a late, last half after a Manc gig. Great photo of the workman at the window.

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  2. Yes, it was on “Joan and Dave Southworth’s itinerary in January and we all enjoyed the beer” although over £5 a half, albeit a strong one, didn’t strike me as being “prices were good”.
    I tended to agree with the suggestion that “Café Beermoth comes across as something of a sepulchral ‘beer shrine'” and I didn’t rate it anything like as highly as the Hare & Hounds, Circus Tavern or Grey Horse.
    You “might not want to be in here later on” just reflects that the older we get the earlier in the day we want to use pubs. Wait till you get to my age !

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  3. I visited a couple of years ago, and liked it much better than I expected; I usually stay well clear of trendy bars. It was fairly busy when I went, but still OK. The beer was particularly good.

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  4. CB is possibly the most Americanized of all the bars I have visited in the UK. I think it does what it wants to do well. I was curious about it having read so much about it prior to visiting Manchester. Everything, from the easy access to the modern decor, reminded me of home. Obviously, it is not a place for me to travel thousands of miles to visit. I can get that beer selection down the street. I can’t get that TT Landord or Holt Bitter at home… And that Holt bitter was might fine in the Hare and Hounds. We went twice.

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  5. One of the features of the Beer and Pub Forum informal meetups I most enjoy is our willingness to try the sorts of pubs and beers we wouldn’t normally frequent. I’ll always mix up the Beer moth, Piccadilly Tap or similar with the Holts, Hydes and Robbie. It’s the dining pubs I join the line on.

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  6. I enjoyed my visit here last October, It is what it is and doesn’t pretend to be a pub, but as a good space to enjoy very good beer I would definitely return to it should I find myself back in Manchester.

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  7. Beer Moth? – sounds like one for Pubmeister…

    Looks like that workman is playing with his power tools, but whatever he’s doing he clearly needed a big heras fence…

    Anyplace that does COD (preferably with chips) is ok in my book…

    Desperately trying to avoid saying anything sensible…

    …think it went quite well really… 🙂

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