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Down The Rabbit Hole, Msida, Malta

I didn’t think the process of stepping off the Rue D’Argens into the bar a process or journey that was particularly strange, problematic, difficult, complex, or chaotic. Possibly a little psychedelic in feeling because of the weird lights and wacky murals. 

As the beer progressed everything became increasingly disorientating as things developed and unfolded, to the point of becoming unsure sure what the time was, in spite of the multitude of clocks around the walls.

Maybe the most confusing thing was the billing of ‘Irish Pub’ on their Facebook Page? Because believe you me, this ‘Alice in Wonderland’ themed bar is about as far removed from an Irish Pub as you can get. Okay, there are loads of small people painted on the walls, but no Leprechauns. No Shamrocks. No Guinness font and the only shades of green is the slightly preternatural scene that confronts you when you go to the very clean, but different lavatory.

If you’re failing to see what Down The Rabbit Hole is then sort of think childrens bedroom designer on acid meets surreal Victorian writer to remodel Indian restaurant into overloaded craft beer bar. And do you know what I really liked it.

Msida is well off the tourist track, unless you’re visiting on a yacht, and probably most notable for the massive roundabout that filters traffic coming out of Valetta towards all points North of the island. I quite like the area, it’s interesting and unspoiled. I just have to keep going to the institution that is Busy Bees on the quayside for a coffee and one of their wonderful cakes and pastries, or even a light lunch.

If you are going to pop in then it’s a bus ride from where most of the hotels are, and don’t bother going during the day because they don’t open until 5pm. A lot of the buses from Sliema, St Julians and Paceville thunder past the front of the bar.

In terms of beer, there’s no draught, but, to my taste anyway, one of the best selections of bottled and canned beer on the island, which is probably why my mate took me there in the first place. Apologies for the quality of the beer board image. I must have had one too many when I took it. On top of what was written up there were more in the fridge and they do change regularly. Prices were as cheap as I have seen anywhere in Malta for these sort of beers.

I think we called in on a Thursday evening and it was neither busy nor quiet, just pleasant with a good turnover of customers. The atmosphere was spot on. The staff were friendly and engaging. The conversation was stimulating and I had really good night with some decent beers to accompany it.

Top marks to Down The Rabbit Hole.

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