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Good Thaimes, Gzira, Malta

Don’t let the name Mille Miglia fool you. Whatever it says outside, this is definitely Good Thaimes, Gerrard assured me. Although at around 5pm, I remained to be convinced.

Thankfully the trade here isn’t the casual tourist. Triq Il Gzira is a good 250m off the beaten tourist track, which consists of a walk up Sliema strand from the Ferries and back, at the most. Few get past the bridge to Manoel Island, into the pleasant residential area of Gzira. Those that do will follow the quayside and lines of exotic cruisers, rather than detouring to the right into what appears a more commercial everyday part of town.

Gerrard said they’d start to get busy with people calling for a few after work, and he was right; you can always trust a Dubliner. As folk started to appear in dribs and drabs, it was clear the early doors clientele were the pan European mix of young professionals who work in the many online gaming companies the island has offered tax breaks to. Something I believe Prime Minister Muscat, whilst Malta held presidency of the council of EU, warned us Brits we weren’t allowed to do, even if we ceded from the EU?

Anyhow, enough of politics. There’s no draught beer in Mille Miglia, sorry Good Thaimes. Just bottles, loads of them, Belgian and German in the main, but everything you could want. In terms of cutting edge craft, I was disappointed. Nothing wrong with Belgian ale, but there’s a time and a place and sitting outside in a Pays Chaud doesn’t call for a Dubbel or Trippel. Not to my mind anyway. I tried a pint bottle of Pauliner Hefeweisen, decent value at €4.

Some people might remember this place when they had the cowboy stood outside on the corner. Not a big cowboy, just a medium sized one, holding a board. Not a nasty cowboy neither. You’ve seen them, you can buy them in those places that sell fake junk; reproduction breweriana, advertising stuff, wall mirrors and cheap tin signs.

I’m not sure why they actually had a cowboy in the first place, because apart from Belgain and German beers the other highlight is home cooked Thai food? For some reason the powers that be decided Mr Cowboy had to go, so they sent for the Sherrifs men to remove him, and he’s stayed removed.

Stand out points for me? The Mdina glass cameos in the fenestration, simple, colourful, beautiful, encapsulating the spirit of the island. No, I’ve no idea why it says Mille Miglia outside. You’ll have to ask the owner, Ferry Jehle, about that.

Anyway, Good Thaimes, a very popular bar just off the beaten tourist track in Gzira and worth a visit.

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  1. “Thankfully the trade here isn’t the casual tourist”
    Yes, it’s lovely finding backwaters not yet known to other tourists.
    And we all know that pubs that have become tourist attractions aren’t really proper pubs any more.

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