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Lager Lager, Neukölln, Berlin

Shouting, “Lager, lager, lager, lager. Mega, mega white thing, mega, mega white thing”. I remember LUFC coming out on the pitch to that when we were good, but Berlin isn’t like that, it’s mega mega multicultural, lots of young people, of all nationalities, speaking English a lot of the time. 

Anyway, back to Lager Lager, it’s a bottle shop cum Growler fill station with room to sit down. Quite nice rooms actually but it didn’t achieve the sum total required for a bar, to my mind, maybe it would qualify as a craft micropub? Maybe because it was so quiet, as opposed to Muted Horn where we’d just been. Possibly because it felt like it was bit off the beaten track, in an eerily quiet and rather dark residential area. 

I suspect the faint hearted might have turned back but I’ll reiterate from previous posts, however crummy the neighbourhood, I never felt threatened in Berlin.

Just remember, tattoos and extreme haircuts don’t make you hard and sticking bits of metal in your face, or hollow earrings that make your ears look like chickens wattles, are soft. And graffiti is everywhere in Berlin, they seem to have a penchant for it, especially when you get out into the suburbs.

I’m not going to describe the decor, you’ve seen it already, everywhere, anywhere. The Boak and Bailey’s of the future will probably term it ‘industrial’ ‘minimal’, or maybe just ‘millennial craft beer bar era’ in the 2095 edition of The 21st century pub’.

There’s two smallish rooms off the main bar area which gives the feel it’s been a house with a small shop that’s been knocked through. It’s well done though and quite cosy. Toilets are basic but very clean and tidy.

I read a few reviews beforehand, quite the dogs’ for craft beer, friendly, cool people, etc. So I was a bit disappointed when the guy behind the bar was disinterested. Anyhow we got a couple beers out of him; Heidenpeters Thirsty Lady, 4.7% and €3.5 for 0.3L and Ritterguts  Gose, 4.7% and €4 for a small glass. I thought the prices were all the money in what essentially was a bottle shop with seats and no atmosphere.

The three lads sat drinking out of the well stocked and interesting fridge selection, were better value for money and I got 300% more conversation out of them than I did the guy behind the bar, but as we drank up, I looked round and they’d gone.

Wednesday evening, 10pm in suburban Berlin and there’s only us and an uncommunicative barman, so we did one sharpish. The Kebab shop just round the corner was decent and had slightly more customers, massive portions too.

Lager Lager is at Pflügerstrasse 68, 12047, Berlin

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  1. I was just about to ask what time this was. Is 10pm past Berliners bedtime ?

    You’re spot on about conversation making a place. In these micro/bottle/craft bars it doesn’t take a lot more than “£3.20 please” to give you a sense of conversation. It’s rarer than you think in micros, some of whose owners just want to sit in the corner with a book or chat with their mates. Same in Berlin, I guess.

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