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The Lamb & Flag, Worcester

Lamd & Flag-19

Some might think I’m really stringing out this ‘Proper Day Out’ in Worcester. Retired Martin knocked it off in a few days and Pubcurmudgeon succinctly accounted for it in two posts?

By the time we’d got to the Lamb and Flag  I felt a bit strung out. Good fun certainly, but these Proper Days Out are proper long days. The feint hearted needn’t apply, although anyone is welcome to join us and we do Tweet to that effect when visiting a locality.

I quite liked the look of the Lamb and Flag from outside, it was pleasant inside too. The Good Beer Guide say’s there’s an Italian restaurant upstairs, but I missed all the evidence. Maybe it was the two giant silver harps atop the bar that took my attention? Does anyone really like these, or think they’re a good idea, apart from Guinness’ marketing people. Mind you, I’m told there’s a pub in Selby got a MkII GTi giant Guinness harp with USB ports around the bottom. Fancy leaving your phone charging on a bar top in Selby? No, me neither.

You could be forgiven for thinking this actually was a Guinness pub with the massive advert at the back of the pub supplementing the fonts, but it isn’t. The pub is one of two owned by the Two Crafty Brewers who seemed to have supplemented their own beers with a Greene King beer, which seemed strange to me. Mind you Two Crafty Brewers was dissolved as a company on 18th September, according to Companies House, yet they have a recent application for another restaurant in Worcester ongoing?

Anyway, I shared halves of their Golden Beast and APA with Mrs C and they were decent, NBSS 3, if not outstanding. It was at this point that people were starting to head off and as you can see from the photo there’s a lot of online blogging going on, and apart from us, not many other people in the pub.Lamd & Flag-17

This brings the Pub Pyramid, I mentioned in the previous post, into play. The Lamb and Flag was pleasant, the beer was fine, but the overall effect was a bit neutral. What made it for me were the People. Specifically the people on the Proper Day Out who’d travelled independently from the four corners of England and had long train journey’s back or had to stay overnight. I really like these days out, the banter, the discussions and the camaraderie that has developed between people whom, apart from an occasional day out every other month, I hardly know. Cheers folks!

The only other thing I’ve written down in my little book is backgammon, but I can’t for the life in me remember why?

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  1. The proper day’s out really are proper, like the attendees, have really been looking forward to St Albans on the 5th of next month, but given my current medical status I’m not sure wether it’s going to be a goer or not. 😞.

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  2. I hope Citra makes the 5th, but if he doesn’t we’ll rename the city St Citra and just drink Doom Bar in his honour.

    Your review in honest and generous, Richard. And I did wonder about Two Brewers, their very similar pub in West Bromwich had dreadful beer last year (and I said so).

    Writing a separate post per pub makes a lot of sense.


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