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Mostodolce, Firenze


Another Italian bar selling cask ale. And yes it definitely is. In this case it’s the Mostodolce brewery tap in Florence, which in my opinion is the #1 place to go for a beer in Florence, if decent beer and a pub style atmosphere is what you are really after.

Six keg lines and one beer engine which was serving a red ale that I’d describe as being very deep amber rather than red, a decent malt profile that carried a floral hoppy flavour, bitter after taste and a slight astringency. If someone served you it in a UK pub then most folk would call it Bitter. It was of course hazy as all the beers are Birra Cruda which sort of means raw beer, which in everyday English is unfined and unfiltered. I think it was actually Birra di Christian (4.5%), €4 a pint and not what it said on the pump.

Other beers may vary, but will be from the brewery’s quite extensive range; 19 listed on Micro Birrifici, but these seem to be supplemented with one-offs cum seasonal brews, like the intensely malty, hoppy and fruity 9% Imperial India Pale Lager they had on last time I was in.

It’s a proper bar with bar stools and people stood at the bar having a swift one after work. The clientele is very much local people rather than the hoards of tourists Florence suffers. Having said that it’s as much an eating place as a bar, but that’s Italy for you. The food is excellent, but it’s not really a restaurant.

It’s quite disconcerting when your stood at the bar having a quiet drink and someone starts slinging arrows over your back. Worry not though because this is Italian darts and they have no point, and what is the point of playing darts on an electronic gaming machine that’s fabricated around one of them child friendly boards that you grew out of by the time you were four.

You’d never grow out of Elephants though and everywhere you look there’s evidence of the breweries emblem.

The staff are amazingly friendly and the nice lady in the picture is Francesca Torri, the Mostodolce brewer, Least wise that’s what I think she said because this is real Italy and not everyone speaks brilliant English. I’m getting better at Italian too, but only because someone kindly leant me their Italian brewery guide which is all in … yep, Italian.


It’s worth a look in the bottle fridges as the Mostodolce bottles have labels taken from original drawings, many of which are 750ml bottles. This is supplemented by lots of quirky art work drawn on the brown paper place settings and stuck to the wall. I’m not sure what the qualification for getting stuck on the wall was? The bar was quite high though.

Music play list is excellent. Anywhere with Lou Reed playing will do for me. It’s dog friendly too. Downsides? Toilets are graffitied to hell and back which is where you’d be if you needed a crap as there’s only one trap and no seat. It took me ages to work out that you pressed a foot operated lever to turn the sink tap on too.

Don’t look up neither because above head height everything needs a bit of a fettle, so much so that a friends wife won’t go in.


Overall, it’s quite a busy sort of place with a nice atmosphere, particularly if you hit it around tea time when people are calling in after work. The beers are all very good and have all been brewed in their own brewery which is located in the nearby (17km) city of Prata.

Verdict; there’s a bar directly across the road selling mainstream products that, tourists apart, is usually empty, says it all really, just follow the Elephant.

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  1. Nice article Richard. Mostodolce is also my favorite beer locale in Florence, although there are now several others. Your post was very timely for me as I am currently staying in Tuscany for a few weeks and, in fact, I called in when I was in Florence on Saturday. A couple of clarifications, if I may be so bold: Francesca Torri is in fact the Head Brewer (or should I say “Brewster”?) and Daniele Chiarini is her assistant. The brewery and their original pub are located in Prato, which is the second largest city in Tuscany (population: approx 195,000), situated about 18 km (11 miles) Northwest of Florence. Although it has a medieval centre with an impressive cathedral and castle, it is a huge textile manufacturing centre, with a large population of Chinese migrant workers and is known in Italy as “the Manchester of Tuscany”. Their pub, in an historic building at via del Arco 6, is well worth a visit and there are several other craft beer outlets in the city. Hopefully we can meet up in Tuscany before too long, Richard, and I shall take you to a few more good places in this beautiful region of Italy.

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  2. Yes, and they call them pints too, and it really was in a Nonic pint glass! I’ve got a bit behind with this Italian stuff and some of my notes are illegible. It says €8 for 2 pints in my notes, but I think that was a tea time thing and it was slightly dearer later on, although there was no difference on ABV? It wasn’t over priced in any of the better Florentine beer bars, but it was in the tourist places with waiter service.


  3. A quick update on Mostodolce, Firenze: I was there again last Thursday afternoon and managed to accost Francesca in the street while she was supervising a delivery from the brewery in Prato. Once the beer, Francesca and I were safely ensconced inside the pub, I showed her your article, which she had enough English to understand, and she was so chuffed that she wouldn’t let me pay for my two pints (whoops! She made me promise not to tell anyone!). My first beer was “Christian” a fine hand-pulled cask-conditioned 4.5% traditional amber English bitter, named after Francesca and Daniele’s ten year old son. This was followed by a “0574” (the telephone dialling code for Prato, where the brewery is situated), a hoppy 5% craft keg golden ale, which slipped down almost as smoothly as my right arm slid around Francesca’s right shoulder when we posed for photos taken by Lucia, the equally friendly and pleasant barmaid-person! Not sure if I can insert the photos here. If not, I’ll email them to you Richard. I think maybe you might get a free beer or two next time you call in Richard, especially if accompanied by yours truly! Oh, and I nearly forgot….after reading your article, Francesca proudly showed me the newly-cleaned and graffitiless toilet (still no seat though….she said that it would be pinched by drunken students on its first night!).


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