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Nomadic Beer’s Unopen tap room, Green hopped beers and other things

This is where we hired that van from, wasn’t it?

Yeah. It’s round the back of it somewhere.

Actually Nomadic Brewery’s new premises are down the side of the Enterprise Car Rental place in Sheepscar Street, LS7, almost just across the road from North Brewing. Sort of round the corner from The Eagle pub.

Got it? No? Best Google it then.

Anyway, we wandered down to Nomadic’s Unopen tap room event last Saturday (06-11-18) to see what was going on. They haven’t started brewing in the new place yet, in fact there’s no brew kit at the minute. They hope to be up and running for Christmas though.

At the minute brewing operations are still under the Fox and Newt on Burley Road, the old Burley Street Brewhouse, but if you’ve seen what the new place was originally like you’ll appreciate the metamorphosis.


So, an empty brewery seems to be an unlikely place for a bit of a do. Not so, there were lots of different things occurring and plenty of people from across the West Riding had turned up to show their support. People like CAMRA members, SPBW people, and seriously my spellchecker does try and turn it into Spew, and people who would be in the Campaign for Really Good Beer (of any class) if it were a serious option.

Staring with the beers, there were two Nomadic cask ales on, and two more to come. Plus the launch of a new beer! I’ll get onto that in a minute.

The beers were from Nomadic’s core range, Strider and Bandit, I was quite disappointed when the latter went off, but the replacement Amarillo also hit the spot. I didn’t try the Columbus another one of their single hop pale ale series.


The star of the show had to be Gee Gee, coincidentally the name of their green delivery van, aka Green Goddess, brewed in partnership with the Leeds Hop Growers of which I am one.

Sadly my Cascade hop produced absolutely nothing, well pea sized excuses for hops, but the rest of the growers managed 8.25kg between them and Nomadic turned them into Gee Gee. I thought it was mighty impressive for a green hopped beer and it was 1000% better than the one I excitedly tried in a pub in Worcester last week which had no ‘greenness’ at all.

Hopefully I will be able to provide towards the harvest next year, undeterred I claimed my Leeds Hop Growers (members only) free two pints anyway. If you want to try some they’ve got it on in Foley’s Tap House and Wapentake.

Probably timely to mention who Nomadic are. Essentially Gaffer Katie Marriott and Head Brewer Ross Nicholson who have been going a couple of years now, making their own Nomadic beers and the Burley Brew House beers. Katie is a chemist and Ross is an ex-Ridgeside brewer and they’re both really nice people.

But it wasn’t just Nomadic beers. Truth Hurts brewing from Morley were in attendance along with Toast and Ruby’s street kitchen. There was also music from an edgy two piece with a good line in tongue gestures and a Conker competition, complete with rules and judge, which some people took more seriously than others.

I had a try of some of the Truth Hurts beers which were very good, especially the porter. They’ve just opened a bottle shop cum tap room in Morley called Beer Thirty which sounds worth a visit.

The Toast beer was pleasant enough, although I liked the idea of a non profit, reclaiming waste food concept better than the Wold Top brewed ales which were a bit clean for me. The guys certainly made a big effort making sure everyone got a taste though and I wish them well.

Overall, a cracking afternoon out with some top beers and some top company. I really enjoyed myself. If you want to try Nomadic beers then they are available in lots of places now. You could of course wait until November 10th and rock up at the next Unopen tap room event between 12 and 4pm. Or get yourself down to Foley’s or Wapentake sharpish for a try of the excellent Gee Gee, which really impressed me.

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  1. When you mention “sort of round the corner from The Eagle pub” would that be the Eagle in North Street that forty years ago, as one of CAMRA Investment’s five pubs, sold Timothy Taylor’s Dark Mild and Best Bitter, Sam Smith’s OBB, Theakston’s Old Peculiar and Bateman’s XB ?.


  2. Great post Richard and it sounds like a well switched on Brewery. Credit to them for getting those pre-opening events rolling…and tapping into (pun intended) the current appetite to drink real ale in any ‘unusual’ space/location don’t you think…?

    Worried that the Bandit went off though – surely they weren’t selling old beer – or was it one of those delicate beers that has to be drunk almost before it has left the fermenter…? 🙂

    Nice to hear you’re a home hop grower – me too. Commiserations on this years harvest, mine struggled too – I think the long dry spell took it’s toll. Mine recovered slightly later on and I got enough for a home brew from my Prima Donna dwarf hop (First Gold) but only a few from the English Cascade. Like the idea of the Hop Growers club and free beers.

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    • They’d just brought one cask of each of the five beers which had been recently brewed at the old premises where they are still brewing until the new brew kit is installed. It’s testament to the number of people that turned up that the first firkin had sold out in a couple of hours.


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