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Cricketers, Worcester


I’ll be honest now. If I’d been on my own I would have simply walked in and walked out of the Cricketers and not troubled the barman at all. In fact I would probably never have gone in, unless it were the only pub open, and it wasn’t. It’s not in the GBG, it’s not a heritage pub and I bet there’s no Untappd check-ins. There are actually, 153, but it’s not a verified venue.

I’m surprised Pubcurmudgeon went in on our recent tour around Worcester. His recent twitter question of, ‘What wording on a pub’s exterior signage is most likely to deter you from going in?’ Threw up all the things his twitter cohort revealed, emblazoned on the outside wall. Having said this, the pub was ‘number of people per square foot of pub’ by far the busiest we visited in Worcester. We struggled to find anywhere to sit in the single room wrapped round a central bar until an old gadgie got up and left.


So why was the pub busy? It can’t have been the beer selection and it wasn’t the quality, maybe it was all the TV screens? Faced with a dismal choice I went for the Wadworth’s Horizon  over Doom Bar, Sadler’s Peaky Blinder and Prescott Hill Climb. Although Wadworth’s bill it as a beer to be enjoyed all year round, it’s a summer beer that must have been brewed in early April because it was flat and lacking condition, NBSS 2.

I was surprised Pubcurmudgeon went for the Doom Bar, which he pronounced as being. ’In decent condition but lacking any sort of meaningful taste.’ – I could have told him. Any way, apparently we didn’t come here for the beer. We came here for the food, which was superb; Faggotts, chips and mushy peas with gravy for £5.95. Proper pub food, very tasty, reasonably priced.


The interior decor was quite pleasant and they had left a charming antique miniature Grandfather clock on the mantelpiece. It sort of looks like an old pub that’s been done up by a pub chain and I could find you one like it in most towns. Like it the locals seemed to do though, older ones mostly, on Doom Bar.


Outstanding feature was the very interesting Cricket Museum upstairs which is fitting for a pub in a famous cricketing city. I had a look round, they’ve got some really interesting things. Just don’t make the mistake I made and ask the curator about the displays because he’ll tell you he doesn’t know as he’s actually the stocktaker who thought he’d found somewhere to quietly sit and work.

Verdict; Pleasantly decorated bog standard town pub with standard town pub clientele that serves very cheap but excellent Faggotts, chips and mushy peas with gravy and just shows you can have a good busy pub on, virtually, Doom Bar, kegged cider and lager alone.

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  1. The Cricketers IS a heritage pub although its interior couldn’t best be seen with it being so full.
    I hadn’t noticed the “wording on a pub’s exterior signage” here but my memories of the pub 2½ months earlier, when it was only half full, were how welcoming it was and several regulars singing along, though not raucously, to the juke box.
    Maybe “the pub was ‘number of people per square foot of pub’ by far the busiest we visited in Worcester” because it caters for the “84% of ale drinkers want to see at least one nationally recognised ale brand on the bar” rather than us 16% who don’t.
    I might not be alone in thinking that a choice including Wadworth’s Horizon, Sharps Doom Bar, Sadler’s Peaky Blinder and Prescott Hill Climb is far from “dismal”.
    Yes the “proper pub food” was very “reasonably priced” but the faggots weren’t as good as I’m used to nearer the Black Country.
    I had a very quick look at the cricket museum but kept moving as they were stocktaking !

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    • You hit the nail on the head there Paul – 84% (maybe more) of drinkers are only happy with what they know and recognise and just do not want to step out of their comfort zone – I’m minded here of the recent headlines regarding the lady who complained that her Spanish holiday resort was too Spanish!

      Okay, dismal might be a bit harsh – dare I say boring?


  2. The Cricketers was possibly my least favourite pub of the day, excluding the Spoons of course, but they don’t count. It felt to me slightly like a formula pub in a Nicholson’s kind of way, and I didn’t warm to it. The beer was pedestrian and I didn’t eat here, (should have), the cricket museum is something of note, but I don’t like cricket.

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  3. Well, it was the designated lunch stop, so it certainly succeeded on that front. Plus it *is* a heritage pub, as TSM has pointed out, *and* it has a cricket museum, which as far as I know is unique amongst pubs.

    Personally I much prefer sitting in a busy pub full of normal people talking assorted nonsense than in one that is either empty, or where the main topic of conversation is hop varieties.


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