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The Cordwainer, Northampton


No visit to a new place is complete without dropping into the local Spoons. This meant calling by for breakfast the next morning, before we set off in the car for pastures new, so I couldn’t have a drink.

I can however, tell you the beer quality is excellent as The Other Mudgie, Paul Mudge, called in twice, once at the start of the Saturday crawl and then for a couple of pints with his breakfast the next day. Being later risers on a Sunday, we missed him as he had been and gone by the time we got there at 1030am.

The Cordwainer is also in the current GBG, and of course accepts the obligatory CAMRA 50p off a pint vouchers. It also does a discount of 20% off all food and drink to holders of a ticket for the local Rugby Union team on match days. I quite like the latter, it’s sound business sense and visible support to the local community.

I’m not in love with the 50p Wetherspoons vouchers though, they don’t encourage people to be diverse in their choices, especially in some Spoons branches, which is sad. There’s also a host of other reasons which I’m not going to go into because this is meant to be about The Cordwainer.

The pub was reasonably busy with more people outside than in, although the beer garden wasn’t as mad as it sounded to be the afternoon before, from the pleasant serenity of the St Giles Ale House  allotment gardens.

The clientele included a good smattering of breakfasters, like ourselves on the bottomless tea and coffee, plus the usual pro drinkers. Including an older husband and wife team, who knocked back two pints each to our one breakfast, cider and lager if you’re interested. There were no mobility scooters parked up, but we did pass one headed in the general direction of the pub as we walked away from the premises.

The breakfast was spot on, they do vary, I find, although there were no grilled tomatoes on either plate. Perhaps The Other Mudgie ate them all earlier?

I’d just got into listening to the ladies sat opposite me. I’ve no idea who they were talking about and sadly I didn’t catch the answer to, ‘Do you think it’s getting serious? Or does he just not commit?’ The waiter blocking out the response as he arrived with the meals.


Mudgie says he had a Greene King IPA, Arkells Kingsdown which went off, and an Elgoods Golden Newt. You can see from the images that apart from the really, really boring stuff they always have on, there was a reasonable selection with a Locale element thrown in.

I had no complaints about the decor, cleanliness and layout of the pub. Everything was spotless. There were no messy, un-cleared, vacant tables, despite good numbers of food orders coming out. I’ve no idea what the building was before, presumably a cordwainers? There were plenty of stout iron stanchions holding up the ceiling, giving the feel of a factory floor of some sort.

Whatever, it’s the usual large single roomed affair with the bar in the right hand quarter and toilets and stuff upstairs. The pleasant private, outdoor area is to the rear. The carpet was nothing special, but not unpleasant.

Overall a decent Wetherspoons house – you know you can’t go wrong in most Wetherspoons.




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  1. Richard,
    It’s a few years since I drove to a pub but when I did I would manage one pint of session strength beer.
    You missed me by three-quarters of an hour as I went for the 10am train.
    I can’t be blamed for eating all the tomatoes as I breakfasted in the hotel not Tim’s Waincorder.
    I see that they put the Phipps Gold Star on the pump that had had the Arkells Kingsdown I finished off for them.
    “There were no messy, un-cleared, vacant tables” because before I left I told them to clear up all the mess.

    – no, I didn’t really.

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