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The Dog, and Doublet, Wolverhampton


Well there’s no rush to beat Martin to this one because he went off for a shandy and curry, followed by an early bath, missing this one out. Obviously he knew something that I didn’t.

Left to my own devices I might have gone to the Posada, it’s GBG listed and looked quite appealing. All that said, there was no one in when we walked past it at, I’m guessing around six-ish. Not a single soul. This was mirrored when I made my way back to my digs at ten-ish. Not actually no one in then, just a scant few. Mind you, Wolverhampton was as quiet as the grave everywhere at that time on a Wednesday night.


Anyway, this was my least favourite pub visited in Wolverhampton. I’m still finding it difficult to describe. More like a converted shop than a pub. Long and thin, a sort of dance floor at the rear, a single room up front with a staircase and a bar along the other wall.

The conversation went along the lines of, ‘Is it a pub or a bar?’ Pub Curmudgeon cleverly resolved this, pointing out it had a plate glass inner door and therefore did not qualify as a pub. Spot on as usual.

The Dog and Doublet wasn’t exactly a hive of activity, especially when you consider that at the relevant time people would have been dropping in for one on the way home from work. Only two mature gents enjoying a pint and a group of three younger drinkers in the front window.


If I were to sum it up I’d say it was lacking atmosphere and the audible presence of a very loud and tinny Wolverhampton version of Heart Radio and ripped banquette seating did nothing to improve it.

My heart jumped a little when I saw Vocation Bread and Butter on the bar. Don’t get me wrong, there was nothing wrong with any of the beers I’d had, top quality and excellent examples of traditional Midlands brewing. It’s just I was ready for something with a bit of taste, a hoppier bite which Hebden’s Vocation brewery delivers in spades.

I was surprised when I found out the pub was GBG listed because my pint didn’t hit the spot at all. Nothing like the pubs we’d already visited and although it wasn’t poor it was only alright. If I was going to be generous I’d give it NBSS 2.75. Average at best if I’m being strict.

At this I took the hump, only took four photos and five lines of notes. The last sentence simply says, ‘Only OK’.

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  1. The number of punters you saw last week is close to the number on two visits Charles and I did a couple of years ago. We had Very Good Bathams and Good Salopian on two visits, but you can’t sustain quality on those numbers. Barman said it’s a Friday/Sat/football venue, which says a lot about pubgoing these days. Great Posada shot.

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    • Yes, I realised when I walked into town to meet you on Thursday morning that there aren’t a lot of people working in the city centre, apart from shop workers, hence there were no teatime drinkers in the Dodgy Doublet. There were in the next pub though!

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  2. Agree with you there my Yorkshire buddy. Totally lacking in atmosphere and not very sparkling beer – I had the Oakham. Least- liked pub of the day. The Posada footfall, or lack of, seemed very strange…

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    • And Oakham is another go to favourite of mine, well made beer and usually in top form because it sells fast. Like I said, it wasn’t bad beer but like you say, it wasn’t sparkling either. And I was mega surprised from what I’d heard that there was no one in the Posada when we walked past – town centre, tea time, a pub with no one in – what’s that all about then?


  3. Agreed, I found this pub similarly underwhelming. Might have been better to skip this one and do the Posada instead.

    I think that busy early evening crowd is only found in big cities. Stockport would be even quieter than Wolverhampton between 6 and 8 on a Wednesday evening. At least the Lich Gate Tavern was pretty busy.

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    • But the Posada was empty? Not sure what it is? Our small village has three pubs and none would be empty at teatime 4 – 8 shift. Maybe it’s because we are on the edge of Leeds conurbation, maybe it’s because we aren’t far from Tad (a lot of the ordinary folk have worked in the breweries/family connections etc.)


  4. I agree about how disappointing the ‘Dodgy Doublet’ was and had we known about its underwhelmingness I expect we would have stopped for a second pint and another stew in the Stile or gone to the Clarendon, or Posada, or Hogshead, or Wheatsheaf or Hooded Ram ( Martin did ) or even the Moon Under Water.
    With only doing a few pubs it wasn’t like our usual Proper Days Out but a trip round a proper brewery, which actually was the purpose of the outing, inevitably takes quite a chunk out of the day.

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