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December Wash Up

December felt like a busy month at first, lots of pub visits, but not a lot of posting. It all started off in Hebden Bridge and a revisitation of the incident with the shopping bag in Mallinson’s in Huddersfield the previous month. I’ve still got a lot of posts to do from Hebden Bridge. It’s a super little town and I visited some excellent pubs and bars.

Sheffield was the next trip, resulting in The Weird and Wonderful World of Pub Tickers go on a crawl with Roger protz in Sheffield. It was a brilliant afternoon with a real legend of beer writing and the two leg-ends that are Simon Everitt, who chose not to write about it and the prolific Martin Taylor who did post an account of the proceedings. Similarly Mr Protz featured a more comprehensive look at pub tickers and sort of why we do it which is well worth a read. I’m not going to stick many photos in this post, but I’ve got to include the American manga creator, artist & children’s book author/illustrator Mark Crilley’s rendition of one of my photos taken outside The Fat Cat. Brilliant mate and thank you.

An album by the hardly known prog/folk/rock/metal group The Tickers feat. Roger Protz, Simon Everett and Martin Taylor. Recorded live at The Fat Cat, Kelham Island, Sheffield on Tuesday 6th December 2017

The Tickers – Whose round is it this time?

I posted about The Fat Cat , The Kelham Island Tavern and The Rutland Arms , but I’ve still got to get around to writing up The Shakespeare and Sheffield Tap, although I recollect posting about the latter a while ago. Suffice to say it sort of sealed my thoughts on Bristol Beer Factory. I’ve had several iffy pints of their ale, in different places, over a period of time and the Amarillo I drank was average at best (NBSS 2.5). I thought it might be the pubs fault? I was doubtful because I had a half of Thornbridge Jaipur while I waited for the train home and it was excellent, nearly a 4! I’ll give them another try because I see Boak and Bailey have decided BBF are their brewer of 2017 and brewer of their fave beer last year . They would do though because they live in Bristol now, I bet it was St Austell they picked last year.

Sheffield was followed up by an excellent visit to Leeds Brewery with LeedsCAMRA. I haven’t written this up yet but my mate Mike Hampshire at did. He also wrote about the excellent Cross Keys in Holbeck where a few of us from LeedsCAMRA went for a sort of Sunday Lunch come Christmas dinner at the beginning of December, very excellent it was too.

Leeds Brewery-1

Things went bit flat then. Mainly owing to the cold/sinus/cough I’d picked up from Mr Protz whilst in Sheffield. You can blame him for the lack of posts! I did however manage to get to Wortley Men’s Club . It’s been there forever, but it’s taken me fifty four years to get there, despite living in the area for the whole of my formative years! What a gem of a place though, you really must visit.

The month ended with a few days in Scarbro’, a couple of sessions in the evergreen and very progressive North Riding Brewpub and a visit to a new (for me) GBG pub. I haven’t written about The Angel yet, but it was good, I tell thee, so long as you like traditional ales. It’s probably the next post so watch this space and have a very good 2018.

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  1. Look forward to your views on the Angel, loved that.

    Glad YOU blamed the legendary Roger for that cold and not me !

    I thought the Bristol beer in Sheff Tap was good. Not as good as the others but good. I tend to rate on cellarmanship and presentation/condition though. Should have asked Roger what scores he’s have given !


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