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November’s Wash-up

I started November off by telling everyone about Growlers, Otley Road, Headingley, LS 6, a brand new bottle shop where everything is chilled in a line of fridges along the wall. There’s also a growler filling station and on my visit they had some pretty cool stuff to fill up with. There’s aspirations of an on-licence and currently they are trialling this using their TENs, every Friday and Saturday on the run up until Christmas. I hope they get the licence, Growlers has a quality feel to it and the council can put restrictions on the licence ensuring it doesn’t transmorph into just another Headingley VDE.


I was sat in Southwold when I fired the Growlers post off and the next few posts relate specifically to pubs in Sufolk. I’ve been spending some time in Southwold recently and even got as far as Lowestoft this time.

The Ship at Dunwich is a real gem, a bar in a pleasant hotel that retains the feel of a village local and is in the Good Beer Guide. Why are so many decent country pubs part of hotels these days? I know the answer to that one, it’s because in a lot of places a ‘stand alone’ pub is sadly not viable anymore. I’d recommend a visit to the lost city of Dunwich, it’s beautiful, even though most of it is now in the sea!

Ship at Dunwich-8

I was looking forward to CAMRA National Pub of the Year 2017 finalist (last four) The Stanford Arms, Lowestoft. Sadly it wasn’t to be and if I’m honest I was little bit cross to find it closed on a Thursday, like in closed all day. You can tell me I should have checked the opening times in advance, but I’ll tell you where to go! Thursday, in the second largest town in Suffolk, a centre of commerce, a seaside town and a port to boot. And someone thinks it’s good enough to be in the best four pubs in the UK. I just shouldn’t have to look whether it’s open on a Thursday afternoon. I’ll say no more on that one.

Stanford Arms-3

Thankfully The Triangle Tavern , Lowestoft put me in a better frame of mind. Proper down to earth back street boozer with decent ale and brilliant staff and customers. Thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon in there.


According to some rather better known beer bloggers than I (who also gave a plug in their list of recommended beer blogs), my report on Morrison’s Cafe in Guiseley, LS 20 was a scoop. Even the Huddersfield Examiner quoted when they reported on the first supermarket cafe in the UK to serve real ale (and a lager and bottles/cans from Morribogs range).

I’ve become intrigued with other writers, bloggers and commentators and The Weird and Wonderful World of Pub Tickers details a few of my thoughts and observations on Martin Taylor aka Retired Martin and Simon aka BRAPA who I see has now become a poet. I was quite pleased with some of the images I captured and there’s a re-run in Sheffield next week with beer writing royalty – I can’t disclose who but I’m sure you’ll know it. There will be pictures and words to follow.


The next few posts relate to Huddersfield which to some might seem pretty close to Leeds. Unfortunately from the Wetherby side of Leeds it’s 90 minutes by bus and train, so I don’t get there very often. It’s a pity because it’s a beer drinkers paradise, the best of old and modern, that includes beer styles too.

Magic Rock-12

First off was Magic Rock Tap House, I love Magic Rock beers and this is a must do for any discerning beer drinker. They even do most of their beers in cask still, which to my mind is commendable in these intriguing times of cask v keg v pricing v profit & viability. I might even pen my own thoughts on this debate soon?

Mallinson's Corner-7

If Magic Rock Tap House is a tap house then Mallinsons Tap House aka The Corner is more of a pub (but it’s not a pub neither?) with a wealth of characters and excellent beers too, again I’m a fan of Mallinson’s. You can also read about some Last Of The Summer Wine characters and our little spat!


Next up was a visit to Brewdog North Street, Leeds and some Imperial Stay Puft and the insanely strong Tokyo which was followed up by The Ship Inn, Fosdyke, Lincolnshire, a smashing little boozer at the side of the A17 that we called into on the way back up from Suffolk.

The Ship-7

I’m not sure why The Grove wasn’t in with the other Huddersfield pubs? Anyway, the penultimate post of the month got strangely out of sync.

The Grove-1

Expect more Huddersfield posts, there’s some cool watering holes in the town of my birth (NB please don’t think I’ve never been to some of these pubs before, I have, it’s just I never used to go round like some demented reviewer taking photos and making notes before!).

Wortley Arms-6

I finished off the month with a visit to The Wortley Arms, near Sheffield, I nearly managed to get to the renowned Wortley Men’s Club next door but it was my Dad’s birthday celebration so I’ll have to go back there another day …

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