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The Black Horse, Leicester


Eventually I managed to get a pint of Everard’s Old Original, well, continuing the thread from the last post, it’s not exactly Everard’s is it? Joules are currently brewing it whilst Everard’s remain a non brewing shell of a pub company, at the minute. Mind you, it’s Everard’s recipe and I reckon it’s an old one too. I scribbled, like an improved OBB, in my book. It’s got that old fashioned malt forward taste, but Old Original has a bit more fruitiness than OBB and it’s a good bit stronger and got a bit more body – hence my observations. I’ve got the beer at hovering just above NBSS 3.

Once you get over the confusion of the Black Horse being two shades of sky blue, it’s quite nice inside, in a basic, but well executed, homely style. It would be no bad thing if all pubs were like this. I was surprised we were the only ones in, it was well after beer o’clock. I wondered why we were actually in there, because it wasn’t a new GBG entry on Martin Taylor’s list?

Turns out it was convenient, as we were heading toward a brand new GBG entry that didn’t open until 5pm. Turns out it was worth it too, I quite liked the pub, and I would put it in the ‘proper pub’, ‘community pub’ boxes. They had a ‘Rock Quiz’ and regular live music. The Landlord said he’d been there six years and I’m non too sure what he made of The Three Jesters, plus erudite beer expert, Mr Paul Mudge?

There’s two main rooms, separated by the serving area, which has a bar to each side. Both rooms have oak wainscotting. Nice chequered tiling, in what I would call the best room, along with cast iron tables and buffets and books. You only got bare floor boards in the larger public bar, but it was all nicely done. As well as Everard’s, they also have two guest beers and Weston’s Old Rosie on draught. If I was a regular cider drinker I would want it on draught, from the cellar, and not from a room temperature box under, or behind the bar.

The only downside was the ‘third room’ a small barren place with a couple of scabby tables, almost an annexe to the toilets, which came in at (just) okay. I joked with the landlord asking, ‘Is that where you make all the under age drinkers sit?’ I don’t think he was too amused? The little room just went against the grain for me, looking at the rest of the pub and the well tended hanging baskets outside.

As we got down our drinks, a few punters start to roll in, which was nice to see. The highlight of our visit seemed to be the presence of Edna, the pub cat, Pubcurmudgeon and Martin Taylor went racing off after her, for a photo, apparently it boosts your blog traffic?

I’m none too fussed about cats in pubs myself, I’m allergic to them. ‘Don’t touch them or go near them then,’ I hear you say.

Not as simple as that though. I start sneezing and my eyes stream just from touching where the cat has sat. If you’ve got a pub and a cat and you’re reading this, please keep them out of the public areas or at least off the seating. I did manage to get a nice picture of her, but you’ll have to click through to an earlier post to see her.

Verdict: Decent little traditional boozer, just out of town, which probably explained why it wasn’t as busy as I thought it might have been around 4pm.



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  1. “I did manage to get a nice picture of her,”

    And in my opinion the best of the three. ☺

    As for cats vs dogs vs nowt; that’s beyond my ken. 😏


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