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Day 18 – Real ale or craft beer? Does it really matter when it’s this good?


It seems that whilst everyone else is poring over the CAMRA Revitalisation Project proposals at the minute, I’m stuck with my Beer Hawk Advent Calendar, and I’ve started, so I’ll finish; only five more beers to go! I didn’t realise how much was going to be involved, blogging every day for nearly a month. It’s been interesting, almost firing from the hip on a daily basis, and I’ve been intrigued by some the feedback.

If you ask me what I think about the CAMRA proposals? I think my initial reaction is that it doesn’t go far enough, yet I hear reports of branch chairs saying that they will not be a part of CAMRA any more? Personally, I think that’s sad. Almost as extreme as the reaction I got from the twitterati when I suggested that a distinctive and traditional, regional German beer may not be ‘craft’.

Some of you will know that I’m a proud and active CAMRA member who is trying to promote diverse styles and dispense systems of distinctive and quality beers, including both traditional and cutting edge, progressive brewers, at the same time as upholding the traditions and values of the organisation. These thoughts all came together with Day 18’s beer – Real ale, in a can!

I’m not entirely bothered whether this unpasteurised, unfined and unfiltered ale is, by CAMRA’s definition, a real ale or not. It is without doubt the best beer to date that has come out of Beer Hawk’s case. Fresh, fresh, fresh, pale, pale, pale, hops, hops, hops, tasty, tasty, tasty, and hazy. Nay murky, something that would put many a traditionalist off. Thing is, it’s not a pint of Timmy Taylors that’s designed, and expected, to be bright, it’s something else entirely, yet they are both excellent examples of the brewers art. Both something to be enjoyed, just like a true motoring enthusiast can equally appreciate a vintage Bentley alongside the latest BMW hybrid i8.

Verdict – Drink Moor Beer! in fact drink Moor Beer Company Nor’hop (4.1%). Please forget about the real ale/craft thing, it’s just a cracking drink in a can. Thank you Mr Justin Hawke & Co., this is just so good, and I hope you find the thieving so and so’s that nicked your Lambics.

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