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Advent Calendar Day 17 and it’s all a conundrum?


I didn’t open yesterday’s beer, not because I didn’t fancy it, more like, I went out to collect a parcel at at two o’clock and didn’t get back in till gone half eight. I did however have a couple of stunning pints of Arbor Ales Smac My Brew Up (4.8%), on cask, in the excellent Mews, Wetherby, along with a few more on my travels – bus and walking, obviously. I didn’t realise three blokes could miss so many different buses in one afternoon?

Anyway, Day 17’s offering from Beer Hawk’s Advent Calendar is a Schneider Weisse Tap 7 Unser Original, from G. Schneider & son, brewers of Kelheim, Germany. A Bavarian Weizen, which appears on virtually everyone’s bucket list of beers to try before you die/best beers in the world. It’s easy to understand why, it’s a classic and a unique style.

You can by a 500ml bottle for £2.49 on the Beer Hawk web site, but the one I got is a 330ml bottle, so I feel a bit short changed if I’m honest. Mind you, a 500ml bottle would never have fitted in the Day 17 slot in the box. I had a quick look on YouTube and the Beer Hawk team had the same beer as well. I also had a look at Day 16’s video, which hadn’t been posted when I wrote yesterdays commentary. I was quite surprised to discover that the official Day 16 beer wasn’t the bottle of Damm Inedit I received at all. Daniel the Beer Hawk beer writer and friend, were trying a bottle of Brewdog Santa Paws? This sort of evidenced the claims in Day 15’s post that emanated from Boak & Bailey in so far as, 20% of the case will probably be available in your local corner shop. Santa Paws is indeed readily available in LS23, the home of both myself and Beer Hawk, at the local Morrisons store at 4 for £6. So if they had run out of Santa Paws why didn’t they send someone the two miles or so, to Wetherby Morrisons and buy a few more bottles? Or is Boak & Bailey’s notion that, the case will probably contain 50% of weird stuff that they couldn’t shift, also correct? But if that’s the case, why go to all the trouble of producing twenty four entertaining, and very professionally done, video tasting notes, and then send a different beer out? And why can’t Morrisons do Jackhammer at £1.50 a bottle? Surely the finest of Brewdog’s mainstream products?

Verdict – I eventually managed to squeeze the can out of the Day 18 slot and I’m really looking forward to drinking it whilst watching the Man City – Arsenal game this afternoon. There’s a clue or two in this post to indicate in which fine UK brewing city this real ale is made. In fact you should be able to work out the brewery from what I’ve said?

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