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Advent Calendar Day 14 – Hopefully Carlsberg UK will be bringing it to a supermarket near you?


Total disaster with this one! I nicked the rim of the bottle opening it. No one’s fault, these things just happen from time to time. I think there was only one clean shard of glass that fell onto the counter, so I carried on undeterred. Please don’t do this at home though, just sling the bottle, just in case. I’m glad I’m not of the Snowflake generation, and could therefore carry on regardless of this accident, because I really enjoyed Day 14 of the Beer Hawk Advent Calendar – Brooklyn Scorcher IPA.

This 4.5% brew is billed as a session beer, as opposed to some of the stronger American IPA’s. I think I liked this beer because you actually get a bit of where it came from; a traditional English IPA. If you wanted to do a taste off to see how things evolved you could start off with an English IPA like Worthington’s White shield, a Scorcher IPA and, just sticking to the contents of my case, something like the Elysian Brewing Company Immortal IPA or the Victory Beer Hop Devil. I reckon this would nicely demonstrate how the IPA style developed when it went transatlantic. The Brooklyn Scorcher IPA probably being nearer to an English IPA than the more malty, hoppy IPA’s I received on Days 5 or 11, yet still with the dial turned up in these departments. I guess this explains why it’s only available in the UK and Scandinavia and not made for the (US) home market.

It’s quite lively and makes a nice head. Subtle aroma of hops and tastes citrus, piney, maybe a tiny hint of grapefruit. There’s a soft caramel malt taste and a nice bitterness. The only strange thing was the second pour was hazy. Now that doesn’t necessarily bother me, I just expected it to be bright. Obviously there was some sediment in the bottle, suggesting only a light filtration.

Pricewise, I found it on the interweb priced between £1.95 to £3.77, depending where you looked, most online stores were just above the two pound mark though. I didn’t think that was bad for a really nice, easy going refreshing drink. I haven’t seen it in any supermarkets near where I live, but I would really like to.

It got me thinking a bit when I couldn’t find the beer for sale on the Beer Hawk web site? I then discovered that Carlsberg UK have taken over the distribution rights for Brooklyn starting on 30th December 2016. The previous UK distributor being James Clay, the Halifax vintner, who are importers for quite a few of the other beers in this case. Should one be bold enough to suggest that Beer Hawk have banged out all their existing stocks of Scorcher in the Advent Calendar, knowing that they will get no more from who are obviously one of their existing business partners? I quite like a conspiracy theory, now and then.

Verdict – If you are looking for a powerful US style hop monster IPA, this isn’t what you are looking for. If you want something that’s different and subtly bolder than a traditional English IPA then I reckon you will enjoy this beer. I would love to see it in Morribog’s sometime soon.

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