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Advent Calendar Day 7 and it’s a Belgian beer.


Still no dark beer! It’s not craft beer neither! Not unless your definition of craft extends to a traditional Belgian brewer founded in 1791. Although the Pawel Kwak beer was only introduced in the early 1980’s. That was a good twenty something years before Brouwerij Bosteels sold out to AB-Inbev in the September of this year. Which confirms what people have been saying, and I thank ‘John Clarke’ for posting a link in the comments (yesterday’s post) to the Beer Hawk web site, acknowledging they are indeed owned by AB-Inbev.

At 8.4% I have decided to put this beer in the pantry and save it for a cold dark January evening, a roaring fire, and a good book. I am confident my bottle of Kwak will still be an excellent example of a fine Belgian brewing tradition. Maybe someone will get me one of those strange chemistry lab style glasses for Christmas?

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  1. A classic! I wonder what percentage of your calendar will be from AB-Inbev owned breweries, and whether the curators would have chosen differently pre-their change of ownership?

    If the beer is good (and they seem to have been so far) it’s probably an academic question. That said, your musings on what’s craft and not have prompted me to think along slightly tangential lines, and I think what I’d want from a curated selection like this is an introduction to brewers I’d not normally get the chance to try (in addition to expecting a certain level of quality). So I’d be pleased with bottles from brewers that don’t ship far outside their locality (for example) or the odd limited edition or collaboration.

    I drink the same “see it everywhere” stuff that other people do, but there’s something special about enjoying a brewer you might only see in certain towns or counties, and I guess that’s what I’d go for in an “ideal” selection. I guess, lurking at the back of my mind would be whether Ab-Inbev could (or would want to) do that.

    (Which isn’t to gainsay your enjoyment of the calendar at all, I reckon I’d rather like it too).

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    • You’re thinking on roughly the same lines as myself, and I’m enjoying the considered comments from yourself and others. I’m really interested in what the proportion of AB-Inbev beers will be. I’m also interested in the cost side of things. I still don’t know how much Mrs C paid for the case? So far I have been pleased, I read on FB this morning that someone got a Leffe blonde, which you can buy cheaply in most supermarkets. I won’t spoil the suspense, but the can I prised out this morning which is sitting in the fridge for tonites tasting is a nice one.

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