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It wouldn’t be Christmas without Magic Rock!


Day three of my Advent Calendar, and I hear others experiencing some dropping of the cardboard frame that holds the cans/bottles inside the calendar. My criticism is the cans are a little difficult to pull out because of this. I had to stick my finger into the empty Number 1 window below and push the can up a bit to get it out. To be honest, it’s only a minor fault, and for me it’s the beer that counts. I guess there will be some moaning like fuck over this. Before they do they might want to consider their position and remember that it’s only just a bit of fun?

Anyway, as soon as I saw the distinctive design on the can hiding behind window number three, I knew I was on a winner. You can’t go wrong with any offering from Huddersfield’s finest brewer. I’m not going to say I’m biased, and I will debate the whole Craft Beer thing all day, but it was Magic Rock that first turned my head towards this post modernist style of beer, a good few years ago now.

A pint of well kept cask High Wire is a thing of beauty to me. It’s pretty decent on keg or in a can as well, but a shame that I haven’t seen any on cask for a while now. I’m not sure why this is? Please let me know if you do. If you read Day 3 of my Advent Calendar you’ll recall a reference to Elvis Juice. I wasn’t keen on Brewdog’s Grapefruit infused offering, it’s just too juicy for me and loses what it was meant to be in the first place, a beer, an IPA style.

On the other hand Magic Rock’s High Wire Grapefruit Pale ale (5.5%) is subtler in it’s execution. On the nose the hazy, pale golden beer is reminiscent of that other famous Huddersfield drinks manufacturer; it’s just pure Ben Shaw’s Grapefruit crush, simple as that. I used to drink beakers full of it as a kid and I loved it, along with Grapefruit for breakfast, bring it on! In the mouth it’s the same, a huge rush of Grapefruit, all juicy and creamy soft. When this initial rush has gone you’re left with a dry, bitter, hoppy taste and just a touch of saltiness. Apart from the initial fruity rush, wherever you are in the tasting process there’s the tart pithiness of Grapefruit skin. And that’s the something extra you get from the addition of the fruit as opposed to what you’d get from the American hops alone. When I say the bitterness lingers, it really does, like for the best part of an hour! It does however still retain a distinct beeriness, a touch of biscuity malt in there somewhere and a real hop kick. That’s why I like this and don’t much care for the Elvis Juice which loses touch with what it set out to be.

One element introduced by Beer Hawks choice today is that of label art, or can art in this case. I mentioned the natty Two roads Saison label on Day 1. The can seems to take it to a different level, you can use the whole thing as a canvas and Magic Rock do this to brilliant effect. I love the whole Circus theme of their earlier beers and the logos and designs that evolved from them. The can we have today is loud and vibrant and exciting, heralding it’s contents. Top marks to Magic Rock for pushing the boundaries of beer art. Will we be getting a Beaverton can on our Advent journey, I wonder?


Sadly, I can’t make any comparisons with the Beer Hawk team’s blog as there’s no video posted today (Saturday 3rd December). I’ll have to wait for them to catch up. Maybe they’re waiting to see what I put first?

Verdict on Day three?. Magic Rock High Wire Grape Fruit Pale Ale, a classy bit of beery fun, just like the Advent Calendar.


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