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The Cobblers Arms, Filey

Cobblers front

The Cobblers Arms, was a cobblers, that’s now a pub, a Micro Pub, the smallest pub in Filey, a very nice one too.

Chris Storr the landlord has been here since October last year, but the pub has been open for about two years. Chris has a background in the social care arena and told me he just fancied having a go with a pub, so he took it on. I know a landlord closer to my W.Yorks home with a similar background, who is as good a licensee as you can get, so there might be a natural progression here, based on, like … talking to people? Something a lot of bar staff don’t get these days. Anyway, it was nice talking to Chris on the two occasions we called in.

Cobblers Chris

Inside, it’s very nice and it’s been converted really well. With it’s classic, yet contemporary theme, you could be forgiven for thinking it had been here for ages. It really had a pub atmosphere, as opposed to a bar, if you get what I mean. Bare wooden floorboards, wooden backed banquette seats around the walls and some heavy cast iron bottomed tables. There’s two rooms, the main bar area at the front and a smaller room to the rear which looks out onto a small garden. I really liked the place, but I’ll be honest, if I had to sit in the back room I would have felt short changed on the pubiness front. I’ve never liked these sort of overflow rooms, unless they are decked out in interesting memorabilia, ephemera and a roaring fire or something else to provide a bit of atmosphere. The toilets, as usual in this type of place were small and unisex, but got top marks for cleanliness, as did the whole pub. Dogs are welcome, but not on the seating – too right! You wouldn’t do that at home would you? You would? Not coming round to your house then!

Cobblers inside

In terms of customer comforts there was Wi-fi, newspapers and a bit of a community pub feel coming on. It wasn’t busy when we called in, but it was early doors. I think I mentioned before, Filey sort of closes down at tea time as there are only a couple of small hotels and apart from locals, most holidaymakers are either day trippers or accommodated in holiday homes and caravan sites. We chatted with a nice bloke, a retired caravanner from Huddersfield, who had nipped out for a couple while his wife put the grandkids to bed. Otherwise, the handful of people all seemed to know each other and there was even a bloke on his way home from work who had forgotten to take his Hi-vis jacket off. Chris did say we would be welcome to stay for the weekly (Tuesday) quiz night where there would be complimentary pizza, contestants for the partaking of.

Okay, so what about the business end? Five rotating cask ales and six real ciders. Two halves of ale was a reasonable £3.25. You can see on the picture with Chris on, or the cask ale list, which they were. I didn’t have Cameron’s on principle. I’m still reeling over their latest attempt to further take over Leeds City centre and am currently view them as a large Pubco. Mentioning Pubcos, there were also the usual fizzy suspects on the bar, although comparably, only a limited choice.

Looking at the glory wall displaying pump clips of the various beers that had been on, the choice tended towards more traditional, solid choices, rather than anything post modern in attitude, but there’s nothing wrong with that and I couldn’t see a North Bar style drinks list going down a bomb in Filey. We called in the next evening for a couple and 40% of the beers had changed, which on a Tuesday/Wednesday was good. All the beers we had were of good quality, fresh and well kept.

My discovery of The Cobblers Arms, Bohommes and the fact that The Cobblers Arms is directly opposite the finest Fish and Chip shop/restaurant in the world has firmly re-imposed Filey onto the all time best seaside resort ever list. Category of small UK resort – this is really what it should be like.

Tip – Buy a property in Filey now! Before prices go through the roof. Gentrification is occurring (in a nice way too) and we need real people to continue to colonise the town to prevent people with more money than sense coming in and spoiling exactly what they went there for in the first place!

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