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Brew-haus, Bradford and Omar’s


The last pub visited on our toby round Bradford, with a similar name to the last post, got the same verdict and I reckon Brew-haus is just another attempt to follow a trend. Firstly I must point out that it is not a Brew house, it is a converted baths. They do not brew beer here! In fact the name is a bit of a misnomer and misled me to thinking it would be an emporium of fine ales and beers; which it isn’t. It is something else entirely. In fact I was so disappointed, I didn’t take any photos.

The very large bar is well fitted out and pleasantly decorated in a sort of shabby chic style. Think leather chesterfields and cocktails in jam jars and you’ve got it. Someone has spent a lot of cash doing this place up and I reckon they ought to start worrying because at 7.00 pm on a Saturday evening you could count the customers on one hand. I think that was what the chef was actually doing as he stood staring out of the semi-open kitchen; willing people to come in and try his food, or maybe just willing people to come in?

Punk IPA on draught, rescued the day here. I might have tried something else but the staff were very sketchy about what they had on and knew even less about what I could see. The redeeming factor was the cocktails of which several Gin based ones were consumed by the female members of our party. As per usual, I had a little taster and they were very well made cocktails.

In reality, it’s not a pub, it’s a big bar that would probably appeal to stag and hen parties, people on a night out that will finish in a night club and the like (explains why it’s empty early Saturday evening?), or teenage kids getting taken for a meal. In most city centres you could visit a dozen of this type of, wanting to be slightly upmarket, places. They’re not for me though, but I respect the fact that they hit the spot for a lot of people and I wish them well in their enterprise.

To be fair we only went in because it was close to the curry house I had planned to visit. I don’t often visit Bradford, but when I do, I like to visit Omar’s for a Ruby. Don’t get confused with the larger, glitzier, more renowned Omar Khan’s Balti house or the swanky My Lahore, almost next door. Omar’s is an entirely different joint, much, much smaller, it’s been here as long as I can remember. It’s very clean and nicely fitted out and if you want a beer then you can go across the road to get one from the off licence (no corkage or any of that shite). Top food, top service at a shade under £75 for six of us with puppadums, starters, mains and sides, including two of their giant nan’s. I’m not sure why we ordered two, maybe we had forgot how big they were? Maybe my choice of Omar’s sums up my view on pubs and bars?

Verdict – I wished we had visited one of the traditional Bradford boozers for a pint of decent real ale instead of Brew-haus. On the other hand Omar’s is a real treat if you want to visit a proper Bradford curry house.

Acknowledgement to Omar’s for the use of their original photograph.


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