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The Beer House Bradford

Beer house entrance

After two stops in The Record Café plus a couple of other really good places, it was clear that anywhere else we visited would have to be at the top of their game to excel or even equalise.

Maybe if we had gone in The Beer House first, it would have felt better? It didn’t just do it for me. A big open space, more a vertical drinking establishment than the more intimate bars we had already visited. Quite nicely done out, with geometrically patterned carpets and similar parquet block flooring. Five hand pumps on the bar, but only four in use. Pennine Brewing Deuce didn’t really do it for me. Mrs C tried the Adnams Juniper Saison, it’s part of their Jack Brand attempt to jump on the so called craft beer band wagon. I’m toying with preferring to term it post modernist brewing rather than craft. Anyway, it’s not a Saison, is it? Well it doesn’t taste like one. More like a watered down, just a slightly sour, version of a Saison that might appeal to a broader audience and sell more beer. I’ll wager it’s never seen a wild yeast? Unfortunately this is exactly what I thought of The Beer House, an attempt to cash in on something really good. Correct me if I’m wrong but I bet this place came on the scene after The Sparrow and The Record Café? At this juncture, I should point out, that the staff were very friendly and helpful.

Beer house bartenders

The theme continued, a chalk board proclaiming the available keg lines was little more than a collection of what now are mainstream mass produced products which are nothing special. Having said that the ‘what’s coming’ ales looked a lot more interesting than what they had on, including an Oakham ales ale. In the end Slightly Foxed IPA, saved the day and I enjoyed a well presented pint in good condition, as were all the ales I sampled. I’m not entirely sure which Slightly Foxed brew I had, because it didn’t say Bengal Fox on the clip, just IPA?

Beer house bogs

I’m not entirely sure whether the massive holes at the side of the urinals were caused by vandalism or some tyro trying to fix a leak, either way, I know a decent plasterer who will fix them for you, just give me a call.

Overall verdict – felt like a chain pub trying to cash in on the success of other much higher quality joints, and failing to succeed. Will suit people following a trend who do not actually know what they are meant to be following.

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  1. Personal views of course but I think you’ve got these spot on so far. Brew House a bbit Sparrow on the cheap and without the class. Still popular when I popped in last year though


    • I reckon there should be a bit of something for everyone Paul. It’s all a matter of personal taste and this is my own view. Having said that there’s no way I would go in when there are places less than one minute away that are just on a different level.


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