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More from the diary of a (Leeds CAMRA) beer festival volunteer

Tuesday 15th March 2015: 0850 x 1530 hrs

Not as much heavy lifting today. all the barrels were on the stillage and the bars in place. Still, plenty to do though. Things like the front of the bars and the hand pulls. Looking round, I don’t think I have been to a beer fest with as many hand pumps on the bar.

BF barfixers

Bar fixers

Pipes started to crawl across the floor, seething see through snakes with mesh skeletons, stretching out from the casks to touch the beer engines. A beery smell pervaded the room as spiles were knocked into casks and taps were stuck into the heads of so many silver pigs lined up in hopeless anticipation of the mallet, while files of brass topped guardsmen watched from the bar.

There’s a host of other things too, things that people sort of expect, but never really think how they got there; breweriana and memorabilia got numbered up and displayed on a tom-bola stall; we made a shop with lots of books and t-shirts and other goodies and there’s stacks of freebies if you join CAMRA at the festival; a guy set out a stall with quality crisps and snacks and pork scratchings; foody people took over the professional kitchens.

BF shop

Beer festival shop

A lot of the work is quite had graft but there’s a staff room with a big kettle and the locale sandwich shop provides an excellent variety of beer festival volunteers lunches.

The cider arrived, thankfully there’s no need to use the apples and pears up to the second floor bar and it was all transported in the service lift. The second floor bar has also started to take shape and the fruity goodness was stacked next to sixteen feet of bottle bar, featuring brewers from all around the world, including a case that came with it’s own real coconut. At the other end of the cider is the key cask bar, the main part of which will arrive tomorrow.

BF cider

Cider bar taking shape

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