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The Diary of a (Leeds CAMRA) Beer Festival volunteer

LBF start

  • Monday 0830 start of Leeds Beer Festival Pudsey Civic Hall.
  • Team briefing, significant H & S focus.
LBF briefing

Team briefing

  • Humping tables and chairs left from a postcard collectors fair into storeroom.
  • Laying plastic sheeting to protect carpet.
  • Erect stillage.
  • Lift barrels from many renowned and artisan brewers onto stillage.
  • Empty van after van and even some medium size lorries of, ‘the’ bar, beer lines, cleaning products and multiple other beer festival ancillary items.

LBF lorry

  • Take some photographic evidence and send a few tweets out.
  • Order lunch from sandwich shop: eat lunch.
  • More shifting of boxes, fridges, esoteric bottles of beer from around the world.
LBF dummy

Some people did a bit more than others!

  • 1500 leave and go to another meeting.
  • 1800 couple of pints of Sam Smith’s OBB in local.
  • 2000 watch Leicester beat N’castle on TV.
  • 2145 bed: set clock for 0630.


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  1. A post that was actually genuinely interesting! to see what goes on! Love this post! Would be really grateful if you could check out my latest post! Kind of a touchy subject and I don’t know what to do.


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