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No Dead Pony Club?

I’ve noticed a theme building recently which came to a head in Liverpool BrewDog, when I discovered yet another BrewDog bar with no Dead Pony Club on draught. A phenomenon experienced in other BrewDog establishments ; Edinburgh, Leeds (both bars), Sheffield and now Liverpool.

Now, if I were BrewDog I would make sure that DPC would be available, on draught, all the time; it’s really nice and it’s ABV makes it more suitable for a session than some of the more esoteric offerings. I also get it in the earhole from Mrs C when they don’t have it, as it’s one of her ‘go to’ favourite beers, so much so she’s fetching the canned version back from Morrisons in ever increasing quantities.

Spurred on by this ostensible sellout, I thought I’d find out what the official position is, so I had a chat with Sarah Warman, Master Gunner up at BrewDog HQ in Ellon; that’s BrewDog speak for media officer. Now I think BrewDog are no different from any other business people, they think the same, they have the same ideas, it’s just they aren’t priggish/pompous/pious/risk averse/pro-establishment*. There’s no way that my previous employer would have let anyone get away with terminology like Master Gunner … ‘Oh no Rich we couldn’t do that (whatever next!).’ Having said that, if my old company had let people get away with that sort of thing, the media officer would undoubtedly have been called the Rear Gunner – making sure no one crept up on us and ensuring the carnage left in our wake stayed there!

I asked Sarah why no DPC, is it some rotational policy, logistics or what? She explained the reason why they had no DPC on was because they will have run out, lack of supply and high demand, simple as that! I was reassured to hear that DPC is one of BrewDog‘s most popular beers and as one of their ‘Headliners’ should be on in all their bars, all of the time.

I asked if they were struggling to keep up with the current appetite for DPC? Apparently production at BrewDog is pretty much at full capacity and they are eagerly anticipating the opening of Site 3 at their existing brewing plant up in Aberdeenshire, a completely new brew house which will increase production five fold and alleviate the problem; construction began in mid 2015, .

I remarked that things must be going pretty well at the minute. Sarah said that sales had been ‘pretty positive’ so far this year and were exceeding expectations, especially at a time of year when things can dip a little.

Now this bodes well for myself and all the others who took a punt on the Brewdog crowdfunding ‘Equity for Punks’ initiative and hopefully there will be some significant financial gain when Mssrs Watt and Dickie either take over the world or are bought out by one of the big four world brewing companies.

Anyway, until the £25M Site 3 project, originally planned to open in Feb 2016, comes on line it looks like supply of DPC will be a bit hit and miss in BrewDog bars, so in the meantime you’ll have to go to Morrisons and stock up with four cans (330ml) for six quid.

* Delete as appropriate.

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