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Assistance required, please.

You will no doubt have seen that Leeds, and other places have been devastated by recent flooding. I’m forwarding this appeal for assistance to stricken pubs that was sent out by my our Leeds branch of CAMRA. If we can get as many people as possible to see it then hopefully there will be people out there that can support them. I’m certain that this will also be the case in other areas.

Even if you can’t help directly, please remember to support your local – use it or lose it!


Dear Member,

As you’ll be aware, Leeds has suffered from unprecedented flooding over the Boxing Day Weekend. Unfortunately, this has also impacted a number of our pubs too. Here’s some information on affected pubs:
Kirkstall Bridge Inn, Bridge Road (Will be holding a clean-up party, starting at 10am today)

Aire Bar, Sparrows Wharf

Sid’s Little Egg, Bridge End

Bridgewater Arms, Cardigan Fields

Old Red Lion, Meadow Lane

Adelphi, Hunslet Road

Golf Bar Leeds, Little Neville Street

Any help you can offer to these pubs and the surrounding communities to assist them during this difficult time would be very welcome and appreciated.

If you have any information on other affected pubs, please get in touch. We’re concerned over the Cardigan Arms on Kirkstall Road, but have no further information.

Up-to-date information will be on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Mike Hampshire

Branch Chairman

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