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The Globe, Weymouth

The GlobeNo visit to Dorset is complete without a visit to the sea side gem that is Weymouth, a town of three thirds; a lovely sweeping beach and promenade with Georgian esplanades and everything the British seaside should have; an old town and characterful harbour with even more essential seaside elements; lastly a shopping centre with all the facilities a decent sized town has to offer.

I’ve stayed in Weymouth before, so on our day trip I was able to pick, what I thought were, the two best pubs in the town. I know there are others but after spending a week down there during the Olympics 2012, these were my favourites.

It’s strange, even after an absence of a few years you’re able to follow your nose to somewhere. I’d forgot what the name of the boozer was but after meandering through the back streets between The Custom House Quay and the Esplanade I soon located The Globe on East Street.

The pub is a traditional boozer with no concession to tourism at all. Although the pub looks very neat and tidy from the outside, it’s back street location would put most tourists off, certainly those with kids and dogs and executive cars wanting food who are more interested in being seen than in what they’re getting.

The Globe barThere’s one bar with a smaller room just off with a pool table, there’s also darts and other traditional games. Twelve o’clock and there’s a good few in having a nice lunch time pint, mainly older and principally locals who warmly received us. There’s six real ales to choose from; St Austell Cornish, St Austell Proper Job, St Austell Liquid sunshine, Doom Bar (can you go anywhere without seeing this OTB – is it the new Watney’s Red Barrel?), and Dartmoor Jail ale. The sixth pump was in the process of being cleaned through by the landlord so we didn’t get to see what else was on. That was another good feature, the landlord was in the bar and I’m 99% certain that the girl behind the bar was the same one who was there three years ago. I like this continuity, you know where you are. There was also a real cider on, as well as everything else the lager boys would expect. If I’m being over critical, I thought the choice of guest beer, a third St Austell brew, Cornish, made things just a bit top heavy in that brewers favour.

The beer? I tried a pint of Proper Job and a Jail ale. I enjoyed them, both were in good condition. You don’t see Proper Job much in Yorkshire and it is exactly what it says it is, which is surprising as I’ve never liked anything else they do. I think they have it sometimes in the Nicholson’s pubs in Leeds. The Jail ale was even better, what a lovely traditional bitter. I could drink it all day, especially when it was coming through the lines as good as this was. Prices seemed reasonable for the area, the guest ale was only £3 a pint.

The Globe isn’t old fashioned and it isn’t new, it is however spotless and very well run. The best way to sum it up is to say that it is one of those nothing special, almost ordinary, pubs that ends up being outstanding in a lot of ways.

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