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Mondo logoThere were quite a few, to me, newer breweries at Leeds International Beer Festival. One which caught my eye, not least for the distinctive blue logo was Mondo Brewing Co. They hail from Battersea, London, Todd Matteson, brewer and founder told me. Originally from New York he’s lived in London for four years now. Together with Thomas Palmer they only started the brewery about five months ago. They’re growing rapidly and a brewery tap with fifteen lines was launched about four weeks ago, they open Thursday to Sunday at the brewery. They brew four core beers James’ Brown Ale, Kemosabe IPA, London Alt and Rider Pale Ale, plus various seasonal beers. I tried the Altbier and it was good. I also tried the Mondo teamPoppa Cap American Pilsner which was brillig. A proper Lager with some taste. For what it’s worth, I gave Todd some advice, ‘Put this in cans and it will fly off the shelves, mate.’ He laughed and told me they needed to maximise their bottling line first. Seriously, the lager was excellent, think sunny day or sat watching sport on TV gear, easy going but proper tasty. I’m predicting a massive rise in the number of canned, quality cutting edge, beers coming on the market over the next six months and this ought to be one of them.

I’m not going to go into details about their set up. You can find out quite a lot from their web site Mondo Brewing Co. What I will comment on is the name; Mondo. Literally, the world, which is quite fitting as the two founders have racked up a lot of world travelling between them. This is reflected in the names and varied styles of their beers; James’ Brown, Kemosabe, Cochise, Watch Maibock, Dubbel Trubbel. I haven’t got a Scooby what Poppa Cap means but it’s not British is it? Go on, someone tell me, I should have asked when I was talking to them?
IMG_5640I really enjoyed talking to these guys and drinking their beer. To their credit, it always amazes me how professional, committed and enthusiastic all these emerging young brewers are. Jo, the assistant brewer, said they were committed to quality and consistency in everything they do. He’s pretty new to brewing and is on a steep learning curve both with ‘on the job’ training from the other guys and with the formal qualifications he is studying for. He’s clearly on line with the company message and ethos. I’d back these boys to do well and I think they are one to watch, especially on the burgeoning Metropolitan beer scene,

Mondo standBoth Todd and Joe had really enjoyed being up in Leeds and thought it had been worthwhile attending the festival and raising their profile. If you’re from the Leeds area and interested in Mondo beers you can buy their bottles in Little Leeds Beer House shop and Raynville Stores.

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