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Flying Dog Kerberos Tripel

Hercules I’m not
Though I faced Kerberos
And now tell the tale

flying dog kerberos tripel

Haiku and photo by Captain Hops

References: Kerberos Tripel is the latest beer from Flying Dogs Canis Major series of specialty beers.

Kerberos (aka Cerebus) is the three headed dog-beast that guards the gates of hell to make sure the living stay out and the souls of the dead stay in. On notable occasion’s it has failed in this task. Most would-be tourists of the underworld lulled the beast to sleep. However, Hercules (aka Heracles) was required to capture the monster to satisfy his 12th labor.

I have to admit that this tasty hell hound which clocks in at 8.5% ABV put me to sleep shortly after I conquered it. All’s fair…

Thing of the Day: The Complete World of Greek Mythology

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