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An American Market for Session Beer?

Going the distance
with more flavor and less punch
A brewer ponders

Written by Captain Hops.

References: Hugh Sisson founder of Clipper City Brewing company, ponders whether there is a market in America to make the session beers he really likes to drink. I believe there is. I often find myself looking for something with big flavor and less of a wallop. I frequently turn to Wild Goose Nut Brown Ale which is made just up I-70 in Frederick Maryland. It measures in at 4.3% ABV. As far as I can tell, Hugh’s Clipper City Pale and Clipper City Gold come in at 4.9%. He is going to discuss a 3.5% brew with his team in the coming weeks. I don’t have the beer marketing background he has, so I will leave it up to him to as to whether such a beer is financially viable, but I do recall how hard it was to find a mild when that was the theme for the May Session. He’s looking for feedback if you want to leave him a comment or drop him a line.
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